Have mobile consumers finally reached the breaking point?

As we approach yet another launch of “the next superphone” I have begun to wonder if the boredom I am feeling in mobile is just related to the tech crowd or has Joe and Jane Citizen finally reached a point where the hype doesn’t move the needle as much?

August and September are shaping up to be what I used to call a “Golden Age” in mobile.  We have major releases from Apple, Android and Windows all coming starting with IFA 2012 at the end of August.   But I just don’t feel that the excitement is high on these upcoming launches..

yea... just not moved

Lets start at Android,  a place near and dear to my heart… sure the Note 2 is expected to be launched but is a follow up device to a niche device really going to captivate the masses?  Meh,  maybe but unless you really really like cargo pants most people will pass on that…

We also are expecting a Razr Hd, or Hd Maxx or Special edition Razr with juicer or something but unless your on Big Red and a fan or Locked Bootloaders most will ignore it as they did the Atrix refresh.

So lets move on to NOKIA… the lil fins that could…  We all expect to actually see Windows Phone 8.. that mythical “this will get us market share” next version of Microsoft’s efforts to matter in the mobile space.  To be honest I will more than likely treat this as I did the Lumia launch,  admire the hardware and wait till its cheap as hell (99 bucks damn near 2 months after launch) to think about giving it a look… heck I may even power up the Xbox 360 and open up a Hotmail account to help the FINS out..

(see Nokia is Finnish so I used Aquaman)#panda explains the jokes

and now lets talk about RIM……

First I heard they wouldn’t have BB10 ready till 2013 and I was like…

then i found out they weren’t joking and I was like..

and MOVING ON from RIM……………………………………………………………..

So then we come to the 800 lbs aluminum and glass patient pending Gorilla in the room…  The house that Satan..  Umm I mean Jobs built..

Last year people were incredibly hyped for the NEXT iPhone and what they received was a slightly faster device that packed SIRI which that despite what Sam Jackson and the rest of the lonely Hollywood set say,  was a gimmick that got old rather quick.

SIRI… Why Doesnt She Want me?! WHYYY!!??

Lets look at this thing……

so what does the rumor mill say about this next wunderkind of mobile tech…  ITS GOT A 4 INCH screen!!  whoooo damn it stop the presses and pull out those cargo pants!!   Umm wait  4 inches?! I didn’t know phones still came that small..  what else?  no holographic Siri 2 assistant to find those Hipster friendly cafe’s and such?  O but it has NFC…  Meh.. so does my toaster..  where is the “one more thing” excitement, that little bit of carefully crafted Magic that marketing clowns and such designed to snare your soul?

I am not sure if its the consist Lawsuits, or the “me too” devices but Mobile has lost its zest lately..   but maybe that’s just me…

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the state of our mobile union so to speak..

UPDATE:  CONTEST!!!  Thats right.. everyone that leaves a comment on THIS post will be entered to win 1 of 4 Google Play gift cards valued at 25.00 each..  and as a benefit if the winner would prefer a apple card I guess you can have one of those instead..  cant be a bias panda can I?  🙂


73 thoughts on “Have mobile consumers finally reached the breaking point?”

  1. I agree, nothing has really intrigued me as of late. Not even the sgs3. I’ll keep my galaxy nexus until its worth getting rid of.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. This is the first time in, well…forever, that I haven’t been in line for an upgrade the moment I was eligible. Just my luck that my upgrade falls in the “mobile doldrums”.

  3. I am in total agreement with you. It has lost the fun factor, personally.

    I truly can’t think of the last phone that did IT for me. I haven’t even purchased the latest Nexus device. The only feature, aside from price and the latest version of Android, that calls me is that it will receive the NEXT version quickly. That’s it.

    And that makes ME a sad panda.

  4. I feel to many phones with prety much the same specs are releasing to fast and ther is no reason to get excited we all know the iphone will not be a gamechanger and without any new hardware nothing new will come out we havent seen before sorry for the mispelled words been drinking myself

  5. Since getting my Galaxy Nexus last year (had a nexus one before) my interest in mobile has gradually faded out… nothing too exciting happened for me the last months (except maybe the I/O).

    I also noticed that I no longer keep up with every new rumour and new device like before.

  6. Whats up BMX?,this is Terry.Im diff feeling you,I think it was more hype for the Nexus then all the devices coming out put together.I remember all the hype for the Nexus,man!!!,we were all talking,reading up on all the rumors,and trying to read into your nuggets you would drop.So,with that said,Ill keep me S3,and wait for the next Nexus,which from what the rumor mill says,should be Nov.Outtie 5,000

  7. I’m not going to be excited about another device launch until the next Nexus is ready. Hopefully its not the rumored spec bump GNex that is buzzing right now.

  8. I totally agree Panda. A few thoughts:

    1. One major reason is the “me too”devices that keep popping up. Tech fans will know the ever more slight differences from month to month, but nobody else cares or wants to care so long as it gets the job done. We get bored seeing the same thing happen over and over and over again and mobile in 2012 is just that. Now if some company can figure out some new battery tech….

    2. Another big reason I think is the state of contracts. With data and off-contract devices so expensive, these new handsets are seeing less and less of available market in the US. No one can afford to break contracts or go outside them to upgrade. I can only feasibly do it every two years at upgrade time.

  9. Yup, mobile was exciting when there were huge new things coming out with every high end device that launched. Now Apple seems to be ripping stuff off from Android to try to reduce the things that made Android stand out over iOS and Android sees no innovation unless Google launches a product. Other than that these stupid Android OEMs make identical phones in terms of specs for the most part and create very iterative designs. I’m also hating this trend of manufacturers leaving something to be desired with high end phones. For example with the GS3, they made a great phone except they are using the same old screen technology and still pretty cheap plastic for the phone. Maybe we have just become accustomed to having a whole bunch of new and exciting phones coming out like when we saw the OG Droid launch or maybe the luster of mobile devices is wearing away with so many non-techies having these devices and manufacturers wanting to cater to them more.

    I am still holding onto hope that something will shake the mobile industry and it becomes exciting again.

  10. The device that got me truly excited for android was the HTC Thunderbolt. It came with LTE and really was the start to the evolution of android on Verizon. It had amazing ROMs and was the first device I ever used with MIUI.

  11. I’ve been interested in android since the OG droid days, coming from the bbstorm (i know) was curious what android had to offer and i’ve been hooked ever since

  12. The Motorola Droid X was the first Android phone that got me excited about Android, but my old BlackBerry 7100t was my first phone that got me excited about the smartphone industry. That was the hardest day when I had to give it up.

  13. The DROIDX was and still is my first foray into android. I knew nothing about android coming from a dumb flip phone but I loved the BIG DISPLAY! The final icing on the cake was a personal recommendation from Black Man X and it was ON!!!!!!

  14. Okay, which phone first got me excited about “the community?” Easy. Nexus One. My bona fides: From 2006 – 2009 I reviewed more cell phones than any other tech reviewer. Period. I used everything. I had a Palm Treo for a long time, and I loved it. The iPhone completely blew my mind when I bought it. But the Nexus One was the first phone that got me excited about the mobile phone community. Based on my tech skill level, I had no business rooting a phone, unlocking the bootloader, and loading custom ROMs. I still don’t. But on the Nexus One, I did. And I bricked it. Then I got help, mostly from Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo. I kept trying until it worked.

    One thing I’ve found with ALL Nexus devices: they suck on day 1. For me, at least. But they keep getting better and better until they reach a point where they completely blow your mind. You get to the point where the phone is perfect, exactly what you are looking for. And then you find something new that you didn’t even know you wanted. That’s what I love about Google’s Nexus program. Disclosure: I work for Samsung now. But the last phone I bought before I was offered the Samsung job was the Nexus S. I bought a Galaxy Nexus with my own damned money, even though I had test units from Samsung, because I knew I wanted to break it and fix it again.

    Anyway, the Nexus One was also the pinnacle of design for HTC’s hardware. It was perfect. Gorilla Glass. RGB LED notification on the trackball. Smooth and slick, with great materials (still HTC’s saving grace). Fast. I lost that phone somewhere. That’s the hazard of having too many phones. When you have 3 phones on you at all times and you lose one, you don’t notice until it’s far too late to remember where it was. But if anyone finds a Nexus One with an H.R. Geiger GelaSkin running Cyanogen, that’s probably mine.

  15. I started with the OG droid shortly after it was released after a friend showed me his Eris, (Which I thought at the time was awesome lol) then moved on to the DX then the Nexus S. After getting the Nexus I don’t really pay attention to anything else. Vanilla android or CM from now on.

  16. The first device that got me excited was my Samsung Mesmerize (a.k.a. Fascinate) It was the first android phone I bought and I loved it, even more as soon as I had all the awesome custom ROMs to play with, it served me well and now I’ve got my GS3 to enjoy! US Cellular by the way, pretty awesome carrier if you’re in the Midwest!

  17. I was most excited about joining the Android community with the Thunderbolt. Afterall, the Hypebeast in full swing from Jan-March 2011 is what made me discover Black Man X in the first place! I remember hoping to pick up the Thunderbolt on 2/17/11 (one of the many rumored release dates) on my way to my 10 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say it was a sad dinner since release date wasn’t until 3/17/11. Here we are 526 days later and I’m happier than ever I dropped the old 8350i off Nextel! I haven’t found any other phone to make me want to ditch my trusty Thunderbolt… especially with $25 of new, shiny apps 🙂

  18. the droid2 was the first phone for me to go root happy. going to be interesting in that jb is an incremental update to android and not a full blown 5.0 but hardware wise these are beautiful. unless you have a really small screen.

  19. I think everything is just leveling out. For five years its been building and building and now everything is slowing, minor upgrade, small physical changes. Someone will have a new game changer soon, whether Apple or Samsung or (tehe) RIMM! Then we can get excited for a couple years again. It took touchscreens to get me into the smartphone world, it was the BlackBerry Storm specifically that got me excited about smartphones, I didn’t want a business device. I’m an Android fanboy now, but I would definitely consider switching to the next big thing if it’s as fun as android, I need to be able to play, customize, flash. Like luniz7 said “I’ll keep my galaxy nexus until its worth getting rid of.”

  20. The first device to get me excited was the BlackBerry torch. This device was one of the first touch device phones in which I needed to buy. Its sad really tho because after I bought it the device was plagued with so many problems that even today BB deals with. I returned I think 4 of those phones before I had enough and then the droid came out for Verizon and the rest is history. But that BB torch device is what started it all for me. I feel were at a crossroads with mobile where hardware will become less important and software will become the main focus.

  21. The Droid X is what got me really excited about the mobile game. It was sleek, metallic, and could tether to my laptop, which at the time, was an absolutely amazing concept. To think I could use my phone to give internet to my laptop…it just seemed crazy at the time! Also, the “cool factor” from the Droid series was still fresh and going strong!

  22. Is this where we enter for the gift card? If so… OG droid first got me excited. I remember back when the concept model of what ended up being the Devour was posted and I just kept googling “Calgary” until it was announced that “Sholes” was gonna be the better device. I agree with the post though; lately I just haven’t been getting AS excited. I got excited about the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 but don’t really care about most of the others. Definitely interested to see what you all have coming this fall!

  23. First mobile device that got me truly interested in the mobile world was the Dell Axiom x50 – for what that thing could do, I knew it was just a matter of time. Oddly enough of was quite a while before I got my first smart phone the BB Curve 8330 (probably because I was a Verizon customer and they didn’t have shit)

  24. The gnex was the last phone I was excited about. I had an original Droid phone and didn’t want any tweaks to the OS, and finally the gnex allowed me to get what I wanted on big red. Since then I’ve been interested in the Note, but no other phones have made me drool. Just want a pure experience and no major manufacturer tweaks or carrier tweaks to my phones.

    Everything just seems gimmicky now a days. Also if the manufacturers didn’t release a phone every month there would be more hype and time to make a product that is a generational step forward from the last phone. Now they just throw crap with a touch screen out and don’t put time or effort into development. Either way I’m with the panda… specs are cool and all, but its really becoming old quick.

  25. I agree for the most part. However, I cannot get enough of GS3. I should probably add I’m coming from the Thunderbolt though 😉

  26. I really liked the sgs3 and even bought one, but then I immediately sold it. It just wasn’t that much better than my galaxy nexus and I made the decision to stick with nexus devices. The community is just so much stronger for them. The first device that got me excited was the droid x. It was my first smartphone and had a great community around it.

  27. I don’t think anything is really worth getting this fall especially with all of the super phones that are going to have the s4 pros in them I just wish phone manufacturers would make a phone that’s like $310 like the xiomi (probably spelled that wrong) mi-two which had next gen specs and an extremely low price

  28. I don’t think so, I believe that we all reach a plateau at one point or another. But that’s the way it is with electronics. At least until the next best thing comes out and we’re all like little kids on Christmas morning.

  29. Bro, lemme win on the basis that you left me as bored as you were when you wrote this blog. I was on vacation break when you visited NYC last month. Lol

  30. Just set up my staff to sync to my Google calendar. Couple of s3s some s2s razrs and even a hero. Only one that took more than a few seconds was a damn iPhone. Also the only one that felt old and outdated. I hope the 5 brings it. None of the above mentioned phones would be as good without crapples influence.

  31. Definitely agree whole heartedly. The GNez is still the best device as of yet as far as design and it’s hard to beat the stock experience. Things definitely are starting to get a little pat, even with the SGS3 I was not impressed. Probably won’t be excited until another Nexus is announced.

  32. It all started with the HTC Hero!! Man did I think that was such an awesome device!! Since then I went through Epic 4G.. When the Epic broke I had to use the LG Optimus S smh.. I really liked that little phone believe it or not.. Finally though, I got the money together and moved to my Galaxy Nexus. I really haven’t seen anything that has intrigued me as well.. Well I would love a Nexus 7 but I’m happy with my Dell laptop and GNexus combination right now.. I’ll just wait and see what the next Nexus brings us.. I hope I win.. damn that was a lot longer than I expected my bad lol

  33. I’m with you on the above, there’s nothing out that screams game changer.. I hope that changes as winter comes and passes.. new nexus maybe? 🙂

  34. The original droid had me excited. Just graduated from college and was looking to get my first smartphone on Verizon. Then I started reading about the droid and learning about android. I ended up buying on off contract because I was so impatient. It was my first of 5 android phones in 3yrs.

  35. Well for some reason I’m not seeing what I had posted last night so I’ll be brief about what I said.

    Seems like the market is becoming stagnant and OEMs have lost the dive to create true new innovative phones. New phones releasing as of late are lacking some things that hold them back from truly being a killer phone like the OG Droid was(which is what really got me into smart phones). I still hope that RIM and WP are still around in the future only because they have a very different approach to their respective OSs and it is interesting to see what they come up with.

    For now I’ll stick to my galaxy nexus until someone can make a big enough splash in he industry to get me to buy a new device or buy into a new platform.

  36. Maybe it’s just because I recently got a Galaxy S3 and have had my first taste of Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod 10 nightlies, I would say I am excited with the current state of the mobile market. I’m enjoying Jelly Bean’s awesome improved voice search. As a former iPhone owner, I can’t say I’m excited about the iPhone 5 at all, because if those screenshots are representative of the final production model, I would say it’s quite ugly… More importantly, iOS really does not have much to offer over Android (I think it’s the contrary, really).

  37. The first phone to get me excited was the of Og Droid. It was everything I wanted. I moved from the blackberry storm to the Motorola droid and loved it from the moment I held it. Thank you Moto and Google for giving me a great product. This lead me down the wonderful world of android. I have been on this ride ever since.

  38. The state is meh. The last phone that did it for me, really did it for me was my Nexus One. Beautiful high quality hardware, a motivated community, an amazing out of box experience and groundbreaking development taking place (720P video recording even though it wasn’t available out of the box). Every day was something new. The specs were far ahead of the competition and nowadays Manufacturers just inch their way to be on top. We need milestone releases to rejuvenate Android!

  39. Now that the Apple vs Samsung case has finished, it can’t be getting any better in terms of patent lawsuits. Makes you wonder how long it will go on and what new company/companies will rise from the ashes of what will soon be the remains of many existing players in the mobile space…

  40. I think the mobile industryis reaching it’s latest plateau. Just as the feature phones were made irrelevant by smart phones, smart phones are quickly becoming stagnant.

  41. I think the lawsuits has cooled off all the excitement around the whole market place. Until there is a truely new innovation it will continue to cool off.

  42. I feel like it’s an up and down, love/hate affair. I was Treo fanboy and I distinctly remember not being all that excited when the original iPhone launched. AT&T’s 2G network sipped compared to Sprint/VZW. Then the App Store came, that was pretty amazing. Then the iPhone 3G came and I nearly sh*t my pants and got one immediately. The first thing I missed…my keyboard, and it would slip off my leg if I set it down because someone thought shiny plastic was a good idea (in retrospect it’s better than the glass they put there later). I got excited again when the original Android device was coming, until I used it and felt it, wasn’t where it needed to be. Then the OG Droid came out and was/is one of the best phones I’ve ever used, ever, hands down. It was the HW and the hacker community behind it. I interacted with more cool people online, found a pretty cool Panda and the rest is history :).

    Since then it has been more about flash (not the Adobe product). Better screens, bigger screens, LTE, etc, but the battery life just dragged to nothing. (I went to a HTC Thundercrap and then a Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is amazing, especially with 4.1).

    I’ll tell you what would excite me again. Take a HTC One X screen, slap it on a Photon Q, with Razr Maxx battery life and I would go wherever that product lived. I’d go to Boost Mobile if I had to (WHERE YOU AT?!) :-). I love LTE on VZW, but with sweet juicy speedy internet comes extremely poor battery life. The Photon Q almost had me, until I saw the screen specs. Once you go 1280×720, you don’t go back.

  43. About the only things that excite me anymore are Nexus phones and of course i doubt i’ll ever see another one of those on big red 😦

  44. I agree, the Mobile world doesn’t excite me like it once did. It might be the constant stream of new phones in the Android world that almost becomes a full time job to keep up with. Or maybe the much anticipated yearly disappointment that the Iphone has become. I will admit that even though I recently upgraded to the GS3 from the Droid Incredible, I am curious to see the next Nexus device.

  45. very well said and very interesting. for me there’s not really much the moves me now. the Thunderbolt with its 4G LTE data was great but a disappointment. the Galaxy Nexus is a great device is well but very slow updates. We need a device free from original manufacturers and let Google control the update.

  46. The device that first got me excited about the possibilities of mobile and its community at large was the mother loving Samsung SCH-i730. This WM “Treo killer” at the time was considered compact (ahahahahahhhaha). This thick like a pickle portrait sliding beast even sported an extending antenna! (swag)

    I absolutely loved it (especially since I convinced VZW to let me buy it sans data package – miss that) . And bless their hearts Samsung back in the day was nice enough to throw in a dock, headphones, and an extra extended battery. They knew it chewed through milliamps so they just threw it in the box. Miss that too.

    At the time I was spending my free time tinkering around with various Linux distributions on older laptops so it was only natural that I sought out a Web forum for owners of the same phone to get tips, tweaks, and fixes. I landed at PDAPhonehome and what I found was a very friendly and helpful little sub-community devoted to my Pocket PC. I was instantly hooked on discussing my device with others and soon I found the most enjoyment from helping out the newbs with the SCH-i730/WM knowledge I was accruing.

    Along with the general good attitude of the other users I found that the secret ingredient was the 2 or 3 guys who in their spare time would work on fixes and tweaks and even porting the latest WM version over. I also discovered this magical land called XDA where hundreds of these wizards compiled their collective knowledge for the public good (and donations) and for the fun of it.

    Once I made the switch to Android it was finding these same things that made me feel right at home – an engaged and friendly community, opportunity to contribute back to it, and dedicated devs (wizards) who in their spare time made my favorite toy better and better each day. Never boring and stagnant. Always a promise of something new and better ahead.

  47. I think consumers are a little frustrated. With endless lawsuits, rapid update cycles, and carrier greed, consumers like me are a starting to see the industry for what it is: Big companies out for big profits.There’s nothing wrong with this, I’m all for free market economy. But I have become a little jaded. I feel like it’s not about innovation or making the customer happy, but it’s about the next marketing gimmick. The RAZR line is a good case in point. Or any iDevice with laughable improvements from generation to generation.

  48. Great post. As droid x owner up for upgrade, I am debating whether or not to go the locked boot loader route again. But I feel that their is no comparison to moto hardware, it is far superior IMO.

  49. BMX, great to see you have a blog now. Followed your posts from the AC forums to the Twitter. Anyways, loved the cargo pants line, lol. I feel the same that things are just meh right now in the mobile world. I’ve had two upgrades since July but nothing that is making want to use them. I’m still rocking the GNex. I will find it hilarious when the new iPhone comes out and everyone will say it’s worth shattering. When we’ve had all those features and size already. Oh well.

  50. My original post was held for moderation so perhaps I was too long winded?

    I think that perhaps we are approaching the point where devices are so powerful we need to dream up new uses for their excess power. The major OSs are approaching a point of parity or perhaps a point where each is at least more than serviceable. I feel the same way – that we’ve hit a bit of a lull. I mean what is the next super phone going to have that current phones don’t offer?

    The device that got me into this Android community is the Fascinate. A phone I got because it WASN’T like the iPhone. When it had GPS issues and no OS updates in sight the great community of devs and users helped me to the point where I’m running ICS and soon will be jumping on the JB train.

  51. OG Droid was the first device that really got me excited – first Android phone as well as first smartphone. Also got it for free working for Big Red 😀 I still remember doing the manual 2.1 update – threw that bish on my memory card and went around updating every single one of my co-workers haha. And then I dared to root, and have never looked back.

    Personally, I’m still very passionate about Android – new updates and new devices always excite me. I do understand the “blah” feeling that you’re getting – just feels like everything has been done before. Wait, is this what it feels like to be an Apple customer??? Trolololol.

    Precisely why devices like the Q are 0_0. Yes, it’s early, and yes, it has to have the kinks worked out (hello, redesign!!) but as we proceed to the point where more unique and different devices (that abomination of the Echo notwithstanding) there will be more ways to interact and new features to add and new things to do.

    One thing that I think a lot of us are clamoring for is more control from Google – minimum hardware requirements, for one, as well as guaranteed timely updates. Yes, I know OEMs have no incentive to do either one of them, and want to push out as many devices as possible – which they absolutely should, since they wouldn’t be a very good business-minded company if they didn’t – but all these crap names are sullying the Google name. I know that Google makes money off software so it is also in their advantage to have their OS on as many devices as possible, but better phones would reverse the negative feelings consumers have.

    There is definitely something attractive about the control Apple has – software and hardware quality. I would want nothing to do with a closed platform, but how about an open one with minimum requirements?? Have an incentive for the OEMs like early access to new releases, and consideration for the Nexus program in return for complying with requirements. I just feel like Google could exert a little more control over the brand, Android OEMs can still undercut Apple on device pricing, and everyone wins.

    BMX if you see this, I think a lot of us would be interested in a post from you on your opinion on a little more GControl, as someone who has an internal point of view.

  52. Right now I don’t see anything that makes me have to absolutely ditch my Galaxy Nexus. What I would love to see is Nexus devices from more companies. Give me a Motorola Nexus.

  53. I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I think innovation has become less of moving point on devices and now its more if size preference. Features with a “new twist” like svoice are becoming selling points instead of new ideas. After a certain point adding more cores to CPUs and GPUs won’t make a difference either as software that doesn’t take advantage of it makes it pretty pointless. I’m hoping engineers and manufacturers have some new stuff up their sleeves in the coming year.

  54. I completely agree with your blog post. I think for me, it has to do with the release of new and better so often that it’s almost not worth buying on contract.. and forget buying straight up ..cost definitely not worth it. Secondly, kind of disheartening being under the thumb of phone companies and playing the waiting game for OS upgrades ..and watching “flagship” devices go out if style almost before they’re even released.

  55. I after with this article. Unfortunately innovation has slowed almost to a halt in the mobile world. Instead everything has become a “competitor” for an existing feature like s-voice. Other than that it seems the only “new” feature is more CPUs and more GPUs which only benefit either those who game or if even that…. it takes software engineers and manufacturers to design a device to take advantage I’d the higher end hardware a quad core device is only great if the software can leverage it without leaving “Jonny user” with a 4 hour battery life. I’m hoping to see some product innovation in the next year or else I will be sitting on the gnex for a while…

  56. It was the OG Droid that first got me excited for mobile. I had a Blackberry for work and before that a Razr. The Droid seemed like a phone with an OS full of possibilities. As a Verizon customer it was my first real exposure to Android. Although I never ended up owning an OG Droid due to my contract situation at the time (my first Android phone was the Droid X) it was what sparked my interest in Android and in mobile technlogy as a whole.

  57. Thanks for all the words of wisdom and insight. I agree that the “hype” about phones anymore is literally just that…hype. The public is meant to get riled up and excided…but for what…minor bumps in tech, that we are now already expecting? Now that smartphones have been out there for a few years, and are the “norm”, the public KNOWS to expect more RAM, a better processor, and a better/bigger screen. What, what’s that? Oh, I think that was just a collective “meh” from the world.

  58. I agree….things just aren’t what they were a few years ago, or even a year ago. Tech is getting better so quickly, but all the phones flooding the market (though not as much in the last year) just make everything “watered down”. The Note was really just pushed out to the public during the Super Bowl, just a little more than 6 months ago, and here we are talking about the Note 2. How are you going to hype a successor to a phone that people have barely had for a quarter of a standard 2yr contract?!

  59. When looking at the lack of *buzz* around the mobile industry, you need to seperate the difference between phones and the carriers. While phones continue to advance (albeit incrementally), you can’t deny the strong sales and performance of devices like the SG3. While mobile fans may want better specs, for the average consumer its a great device that’s cone so far from the original galaxy.

    But the state of 2 year contracts, +$750 costs off, and updates that seem to hardly keep up a year later has consumers saying blah.

    I’m still happy with my thunderbolt (bought for the quality hardware, lte, promises of HTC’s upgrade track record, and the coverage of vzw), but unless I can jump on the next big thing on day 1, can the next big thing hold out for thr full 2 year slog?

    I’m still thinking a next big thing is out there, but it has to be a phone that’s relevant in 2 years, not just on launch day. That’s one thing appl does right, keep those old devices relevant.

  60. The mobile scene has gotten a bit stale. Its like a girlfriend, after awhile you just want some strange, but the manufacturers just aren’t putting out. A slight spec bump, an audio gimmick, LTE chipsets that drain batteries so fast sometimes I just wish I had a dumb phone again, another shitty skin and locked bootloader, and no updates in sight… Even my Nexus has let me down, with Verizon holding updates hostage like Google’s beating its momma. *yawn*

  61. I know how you feel, I’m usually super excited to see new phone launches but am just not feeling it this year. I think it’s partially due to (at least for Verizon customers) the fact that I’ll be buying all my phones off contract from now on to keep my unlimited data. So the standards I use to judge phones are much higher now that the price will be much higher. I’ve got a GS3 and I’m loving it, but a phone will have to be really different and unique for me to go after it now. Interested in the edge to edge screen rumors from Motorola though!

  62. What if I like cargo pants? 🙂
    All kidding aside, the only reason I have an sgs3 is because the nexus I purchased had a huge issue with dropped signal. I got it for $150 and for $50 more I was able to get a 32gb sgs3 via price match 😀

    If the nexus was free like it is on and off now, I would have stuck with the nexus and dealt with the replacements from verizon.

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