Back like I never left or if you don’t like sharing your data your unamerican

So as we enter the new age of Wireless and consumers continue to have more and more services stripped from them I wanted to chime in on the new Verizon data share plans.

As I am normally associated still with Verizon they hold a special place in my heart and the outcry from the internet has been vocal and universal.  Let’s take a look at some of the details shall we?

this crap hurts Sheldon's brain..

Haven’t seen math this complex since college or amounts this expensive either…

So where does this leave you as a mobile loving, Netflix using, hulu watching massive data using master?? Well the good news is this.. that very same contract that Verizon doesn’t want to let you get a early upgrade on? Well it also means they can’t just kill your unlimited data plan.

The one catch is in order to keep that you CAN’T renew/sign a new contract. No biggie right? Unless of course you mind paying 800 bucks for that new shiny phone.

Now I could go into all the IN’s and OUT’s of the plan but there are several sites like AC and DL that have already broke it down far better then I have the time or quantum math skills for.

But the outrage on the Interwebs is crazy..  I mean its like someone told you that Santa wasn’t real then said they were joking and they could prove it because he just killed your whole family in a drunken high speed sleighing..  (get it.. slaying??  see what I did their.. thats called cleverness.)

Betcha this guy has Tmobile.. he looks like a happening Cat..

I am not sure why people are shocked by this, Verizon has never been the cost effective choice and never has billed themselves to be.  Verizon is in it to MAKE a profit, when you read about how they pumped X number of billions into “The Network” and how LTE cost a bunch more billions why do you think they did that?   You didnt buy the whole “improved user experience” line did you?  So how did you think they would restock their massive Scrooge Mcduck money bins?  With the harvested smiles of all their customers?

This is a compay that is facing a time where the services that once lined their pockets with Gold like Vcast, Text msgs and minute plans are being phased out by OS’s that give consumers all that through the very data connection they provide.

And as any money type business person would tell you in that situation, you change your approach..  They did what any smart company would do.. they give you the Razr and make you buy the Blades…

If your reading this Blog then chances are Vzw and soon to be ATT already has you by the short and curly’s.  They know you LOVE your phone, its your connection to your friends, family and the things you enjoy.

You want to have the best experience no matter where you are on your shiny new piece of techo wizardry.  They know you wanna Svoice yourself  crazy or siri yourself silly and to do that you need one thing…  Data.

Now there are options to fight the power.  You can stay right where you are, keep the plan that has worked for you all this time.  But like I said if your reading this blog they already have got ya.

In six months when the next piece of tech magic with 8 cores and 16mp cam and 1080p display launches for 150.00 on contract its gonna be awful hard to fight the beast…

Sure you can tell yourself “I will just get it off contract” but a 800.00 phone is a hard thing to swallow for most working Americans.  Or “I will just wait and pick one up on Ebay/Craigslist” but we all know reading reviews and seeing people with it will eat at your lil techie heart.   It might not be this next device of even the one after but there will be a device that will have you making the choice to use more Wifi and watch the netflix usage and take that contract plunge..    Once you do that its a land of 20 bucks a pack raz0rs ..

Be careful you dont cut yourself



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