Of Delays and Skinny Jeans… A Panda Opus

O Vets we do honor…
yet a nexus we can not garner
for Verizon sells it not…
The Razr they are a selling
but most here are yelling
“we really don’t care!”
Even Siri was stumped when given the Razr’s hump
how it got so much hype..
for Panda had a Razr back when he was a teenager
and the reboot just doesnt excite
Unless Skinny Jeans you prefer
Moto’s new device I would defer
But back to the Nexus…
object of Tom’s affection
and Ice cream delight
And though he wishes he could
share hope and goodwill
He reminds us of this fact..
a release date was never given
so with dates Verizon can wiggle
as bean counters try to figuare
how with super-phones aplenty
with skins good and plenty
can they make a pretty penny
on a device with no bloat like so many
that adorn their shelves so pretty..
As thanksgiving doth approach
and turkey’s doth croak
a panda holds his belly and cries
As full as a tick
I would use Chrome to tick
as Online only looks like the pick
So be patient O lovers of Nexus Wonders
just think this could be the Bionic Blunder..

2 thoughts on “Of Delays and Skinny Jeans… A Panda Opus”

  1. Seriously? VZW Galaxy Nexus pushed back further? Just having fun, or like for real??

    I know there is no release date, but anticipation of before Thanksgiving is high.

    I’m OK with online orders only for now, but hope they don’t wait till December..

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