Guess Im just not a “tablet person”…

People keep asking me which do I perfer between the IPAD2 and the XOOM etc..  I say Etc because there are now about 1 billion android tablets out or coming out in the next Qtr or so.

the established vs the pucky upstart... Fight!

I continue to say the same thing I am not a “tablet Person”.   Do I have one?  yep I have both the ipad2 and the moto XOOM but they sit unused on my coffee table or dead in my home office.

But tablets are the way of the future you scream!?  Only if my future involves a lot of time in the bathroom.  Tablets to me are the perfect bathroom device,  something to use while you sit and think about the meaning of life and wonder if you need more fiber.  Sure some RSS reading, maybe some angry birds, but  I dont even use them as Ebook readers,  o I have the Kindle app but reading on an ipad or Xoom for a few hours and your eyes will let you know why E-INK is better.

backlit screens mess up my Lasik!

I just cant sit on the couch with a big Ole 10 inch tablet and use the internet the way I do.   I tend to tweet….  A LOT so an on-screen keyboard cant compare to the love that is the Macbook keyboard.  Secondly these things are heavy!!  I swear you could kill a medium sized adult male if you whack him with the XOOM and as thin as the Ipad2 is it still isnt light enough to not case arm strain.

arent neck harnesses supposed to be used for Babies??

I will admit that I do care a tablet device when I travel etc and its a samsung Galaxy tab.  Why?  because on a plane watching a DIVX movie on the tab is easier then pulling out a laptop and all that jazz.   But when my smartphone is 4.3 inches and does a damn good job with most of the things I do online and I have a Macbook air I dont see the need..

Maybe we need a new “im a mac/ Im a pc” commercial with tablets as the guy marketing keeps trying to get in the conversation…

No pushy lady we dont want your tablets!!

So got to go..  potty calling, anyone have a tablet I can use??


3 thoughts on “Guess Im just not a “tablet person”…”

  1. All that work you did trying to find a need for tablets and you came up dry. Fancy that. Sheeple just aren’t motivated enough to use what they already have in front of them.

  2. i see your point however i do have to argue that something like the flyer could be useful for students, specifically since its lightweight and could be an effective note taking tool (not an advertisement lol)

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