Stevie Austin… where are you?? Or a Bionic by any other name….

As I continue my “no twitter for lent”   movement I have been spending more time in the internet forums and the like and Its rather scary how things are in the mobile world today..

People ask me all the time “if you would just share this date, what could it hurt” and I consistently have to remind people that more then their desire for a new device comes into play when information is shared.

A recent story came out about the much anticipated Droid Bionic from Motorola being scrapped.   I checked into it and yes there are legs to it, but the final nail in the “bionic” has not been hammered as of yet.

I try to assist people in making smart choices in their mobile buying and often in doing so I may at times share information that perhaps may shed some light in release dates and such but I will never tell someone that a device is scrapped till I get that information from the hardware partner and that isn’t the case… yet..

Where Art thou Merge!!?

I made a comment in a poem that dual Core gold was coming after passover and many assumed that the bionic would be launching the end of April..  This is due more then likely to the speedy release of its “sister” device the Moto Atrix.

I was referring to the second quarter more then a set day as that was the expected launch window.  But thats neither here nor there now is it?

So what is the deal now?

to be honest I have no clue…..  thats right the panda for once doesnt have an answer…

and the answer is.... 42

are there issues with Motorola delivering a device that meets Vzw standards? yes.. does that mean that the “bionic” will be no more or that it will be launching with a completely different feature set?

Things happen in the mobile world and when your dealing with two types of cutting edge tech (dual core and LTE) issues are expected.  Add to that the fact that this device has been in the planning stage for so long, that other more compelling devices and tech will directly compete and in some cases exceed and it isnt that amazing that some…  “retooling” may have to occur..

but how much return on investment from this can you benefit? and can a Retool fix it??

So there we have it boys and girls… I will say that the issues are mounting and the future is cloudy.. but hey at least its still on thhe MOTOROLA website..  🙂

and that Boys and Girls is the straight No BS answer from the panda…

I will update if and when I get something I can share or maybe a poem..  lol

15 thoughts on “Stevie Austin… where are you?? Or a Bionic by any other name….”

  1. You gotta tease with the Merge… Last I recall, you’d mentioned that you wouldn’t count the Merge out yet.

    As for the Bionic fans, welcome to the club.

  2. refreshing to see these comments since I’m a troll whose been following “THAT” phone for awhile now. …& really wants to buy two before the summer.

  3. OK so I’m guessing the Targa is (was) the stock/vanilla dual core LTE beast waiting in the wings you’ve referred to recently, but I thought it had leaked by the time you posted that the phone you were talking about had not leaked. And I think I read something just the other day, of unknown veracity, that said the D3 was not dual core, which possibly knocks out my previous guess at the mystery unit.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up Panda, your knowledge is always appreciated. I do now have a slight dilemma now though. See, I’ve been rocking the Samsung Alias since March of 2008 and my family and I have finally ridden out any leftover contract from Verizon (we’re now month to month). I planned on picking up the Bionic when it came out but that didn’t really work out did it… Now we’re all valiently fighting the urge to switch to AT&T and their admittedly cheaper Android lineup. ($100 for an Atrix, $300 for a Charge???! The nerve!)

    I really would love a dual core phone as well as LTE and I love Verizon, but I just don’t see the light anymore. Now to me it sounds like we all will have to wait until some other dual core LTE beast transcends the Godforsaken wasteland that is Verizon’s Android lineup as of late. It’s just hard to see the finish line when my Alias is on the last of its 9 lives and I am in dire need of a new phone. My good half is telling me to hold out for a month or two longer, but my bad half is telling me to walk the plank and take a dive with the Evil Empire.

    So Panda, I leave with this, is there hope? Hope for a future proof, investment friendly dual core LTE monster looming on the horizon, ready to strike before everyone becomes handcuffed by tiered data? I sincerely hope so, the bleak outlook of Verizon’s Android lineup is quite saddening, and the Dark Side is quite tempting.

    Or maybe I should just ditch phones all together and get back to reality? Oh the reality…

    1. @ Brandon as with all things in technology: waiting for future proof is like waiting for a unicorn to start serving beer. There is no such thing as future proof.

  5. Thanks again for all of your news, insights and recommendations. I caught the Thunderbolt just before the 1-year contract option expired. Now I can have fun with my First Android… and before too long start obsessing about my next new device. Times are exciting with the rapid advancement in device technology and the release of LTE. Wow. Thanks again!

  6. I’m with Brandon on this…. I’m rocking an Original Driod, and have been since 5AM EST on the day that it came out. I’m ready for an upgrade, and was hoping for the BIONIC. I’ve been having an internal battle with myself over purchasing the Thunderbolt, or waiting for the unknown… until this point, the “unknown” has won the battle. But as with every battle, time takes it’s toll….

  7. I know you are just as eager and probably more so than the rest of us tech addicts to get the latest on the soap opera called “Bionic: live or die”. So I have to inquire, what are the doctors saying, keep the Bionic woman on life support? or let her flat line….

    My hope is that plastic surgery isn’t an option. If she recovers from surgery I pray that its been all internal and not damaged that beautiful body.

    Maybe it’s a case of no news is good news… but no news is torture.

  8. Motorola: Droid Bionic Will Launch With Verizon Wireless In Summer

    By Roger Cheng, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES

    NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) said that the Droid Bionic, a 4G smartphone, will launch with Verizon Wireless in the summer.

    Motorola pushed back the timing of the launch to incorporate new features into the phone, which was originally slated to launch in the second quarter. While the phone may ship to carriers in time, a launch may occur in the third quarter.

    “Based on compelling feedback since the show, we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience,” a Motorola spokeswoman said.

    Many had speculated that the Droid Bionic was scrapped in favor of another model. It was one of four smartphones that Verizon Wireless held up during the Consumer Electronics Show in January during the presentation of its 4G service. Motorola Chief Executive Sanjay Jha also touted the device during his CES presentation.

  9. Many Thanx PandaMan! I was waiting for this “Dream” but alas I couldn’t wait until Q3. I have bailed and bought a Thunderbolt and once rooted and rid of the battery draining bloatware, I get a full day out of it and it is definately meeting my expectations. I was with Motorola Cellular (executive mgmt) for 14 years. I was once proud to be part of that organization. Sadly, no longer.

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