And Now for a little something… different

Now I know I mostly blog about Mobile tech and the like but sometimes I need to talk about my other passions.   So as I have finally got my pet project where I want it I wanna talk about the joy of digital media storage!!

Lets start of with a baseline of my needs in entertainment…

  • Love a beautiful Hi-def picture
  • hate going to crowded theaters
  • lazy
  • Kinda cheap
  • wont watch a “popular” show until after its run is over..
  • dislike stacks of discs laying all over the place

The solution:   A HOME MEDIA CENTER!


(pics are not mine Im scared of stalkers)

When In Doubt... Impress em' with Shiny!!


What is it you ask?

take all of THIS….

NewEgg... U had me at hello...

and put it all together…

and it all fits....

So what powers all this shiny tech??

Bill Gates... making pirating movies easier since 1978

Little did you know when you powered up your hello kitty pink Dell that inside was a Media serving monster in the form of Windows media center..

All Shiny and Shyt....

So I know what your thinking….  how the hell does he get 16tb (terabytes) of media into something that small??

All those green lights?? that right there is the FBI's most wanted media

Yea… the DroboPro…  eight bays full up with 2tb drives in each one…  CUE the Tech Angels and let all bow down to its glory..  Add in the lovely word of networked storage and gigabit connections and I can move media all over the place! Sweeeet!!

( you dont have to use a drobo the case will hold a 2 tb drive to get you started)

So what can I do with this you ask??

Well somehow or another I have large amounts of blu-ray media in .AVI, DIVX, H.264 and .MKV format (of course its backups of media I already own 😉 so I can pull up any number of 1400 HD movies on demand…

the power of IMDB plugin..

and when I get tired of that…. lets watch some recorded tv.. (because im too cheap to pay direct tv for a DVR)

Funk a DVR... I got to get my Colbert on!! dawg!

and now you cant look like a geek and be pulling out a Keyboard and Mouse in the act of the tech pimping..  so I go with this,

Perfect for Sexting... ya Know...

and remember that even though the front end is so pretty your still using a full powered pc..  so you think tweetdeck is nice on that hello Kitty pink laptop?  Wait till you see it on a 50 inch screen!!

So I’m going to throw some links in this post for the sites I used to build my system (big ups to AVS) and allow you tech loving media thieving masses to build your own..

Now im going to watch a movie or something….


4 thoughts on “And Now for a little something… different”

  1. Nice write-up. I much prefer using XBMC (specifically OpenELEC) for my HTPC.

    For the back-end media server I personally would not use a Drobo. Yes, this is user-friendly for the average consumer but it is also expensive. Convenience has a premium. There are many options available for building your own NAS… since you are building your own HTPC this should not be hard!

  2. KICK ASS.

    About two years ago, I built a Mythtv box on Ubuntu but I had problems with getting the box to integrate with the Comcast receiver. It kind of killed my motivation. I definitely want to get back to it though.

    What are you using to record HDTV? I’ve never been able to find a solid HD tuner card and that pretty much killed it. I bought an AVERmedia HDMI card but it’s not perfect.

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