1.3 dual core, 4′ hd screen, 12mp cam, stock android 3.2 (poem)


For those that have waited till the hype hangover abated

Do I have a treat for you….

Cores numbering twice with nary a skin on device

I give you the device that’s pure,

A 12 mp shooter on rear and 2mp in front, it’s clear this device will be the cure…

A High Def Screen will make all your media dreams, seem like they have come true

Data speeds aplenty and SVDO on the platter will let you talk and surf anew…

Skype on deck for all that want to Sextext

Or is it Google video chat you’ll select?

It’s open so you can choose…

A screen that’s massive for widescreen fragments of an OS dipped in Honey…

This device is well worth the money..

When will I have it you ply?

To that a Panda replies….

check the tags my friends..  for this info is akin to that which is most secret


36 thoughts on “1.3 dual core, 4′ hd screen, 12mp cam, stock android 3.2 (poem)”

  1. Winning. We miss Panel blood on Twitter. And that will be the my next phone. Yes. Here is to hoping the unlimited 4g stays.

    1. haha.. I fig may as well join in.. I will actually post some news about the D3 and other devices this week… sooo stay tuned. lol

  2. Hmm … nice April Fools joke. And, very interesting choice of pictures to go along with it. A “pyramid” looking structure … and if you look at the picture’s filename, “obelisk”, meaning a tall, four-sided structure topped with a “pyramid”-like shape. Coincidence? Hmm …

      1. Nice catch. Never saw the movie myself (I know … probably something sacriligious or something), so I would never have caught that. But, interesting choice of pictures nonetheless.

    1. Yeah.. 4Feet HD screen… Its a giant panel that can act as a TV/Phone/PC/TabletPC … What ever you wish it to be..

  3. These poems hurt my brain! I hereby offer to provide you with poetry consulting services going forward. What we can do is this – you can tell me and only me about hot upcoming phones and I will write rudimentary teaser poems for you to post here. Here’s a sample reworking of the above offense against taste and decency:

    For all who heeded my advice
    To wait to buy a phone that’s nice
    I have some special news for you
    A phone with cores that number two
    And not a trace of clunky skin
    Stocked with Honey, Pooh wants in
    With megapixels out the ear
    Two up front and twelve in rear
    View them on a wide HD
    That’s large enough for all to see
    Skype your babe if you like that
    Or maybe Google Video Chat
    SVDO means surf while talking
    And at these speeds you won’t be walking
    Here’s a phone that’s worth the cash
    Which zaps the hyped up beast to ash
    For clues to a release that lags
    Check the info in the tags

    See there?! Let’s do this, man.

    My guess: A 4g dual core Droid 3 drops Blur to return to its stock roots with Honeycomb. Has a qHD screen and, per the tag about keyboard design, the redesigned keyboard we’ve seen shots of: http://androidcommunity.com/droid-3-photos-leaked-show-redesigned-keyboard-20110319/ . Only thing it doesn’t address is the previous clues to some kind of Peak-related name like apex or summit or something similar that would also fit on top of the obelisk above.

    1. Actually, now that I think about it, we’d have to dial this back somewhat to account for the April Fools component and the “not the real device… but close” tag. So let’s say it’s Gingerbread, not Honeycomb. And 8mp, not 12. And maybe 1.3 up front, not 2.

    1. But he’s a Verizon guy. I wouldn’t think he would tease us about phones on other carriers. And from what I’ve heard the Targa is slated for the end of the year. Meanwhile Panda told us not to get locked into a 2year commitment on a Thunderbolt and to wait several weeks (past St. Patrick’s Day) for something that’s stock, dual-core, and LTE. So either something like that is coming this month or he was talking about two different things in the same poem – something like the Targa that’s stock but not coming for a while, and then things like the Samsung Charge and Bionic. But he said it was something that had not leaked. And we already knew about those. I’m hanging here in limbo trying to hold off on the Tbolt, not wanting the Charge, and not wanting to wait for the Bionic.

      1. Motorola (at least in the past) has always released it’s best stuff on verizon and the Targa (according the a Howard forums insider) is a Q3 device. Also I’m sure that we can expect some version of the Pyramid on verizon, I’m expecting a multi carrier launch similar to the Galaxy S

  4. Care to speak out on the rumors of all phones except pure Google phones having locked bootloaders and vzw blocking the meids of rooted phones?

  5. I agree with DroidCLH. You posted on Friday…so technically Saturday, April 2nd would have been the end of the week. Lets assume you have a Spanish heritage…that would have given you Sunday, April 3rd at best. Well I guess that we can only hope that during your drinking spree you will find a keyboard a vomit your knowledge upon the world. Happy Birthday!

  6. We need you BMX! No more 1 year contracts after next weekend and rumors of the Bionic being delayed or cancelled all together on the AC forums.

    We (I specifically) need your infident wisdom!

  7. So ummm, what with 1yr plans going the way of the dodo on April 17, I don’t suppose you could give us a teaser update on this unleaked stock dual core device and whether it’s coming this month? I’m thinking Hypebeast 1yr contract if this other wonder isn’t coming soon. Gotta get a phone. This is like holding my pee during a concert. Must… get… relief… soon…!

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