What Tablet do you plan on buying?

As the market continues to be flooded with tablets running os’s from all major players the choices can become muddled..

There are beasts in those waters.... beware!!

Do you go with the reigning king of the tablet space in the IPAD2 (good luck finding one in stores)

The contender from Google that may still need to have the “beta” tag along with its honeycomb one?

How about a device that lets you peek into the future of RIM?

Or if your feeling a 6th Sense, how about a tablet that takes android and adds a pen input to do cool new things?

And Since your gonna be on the web,  why not WEBOS?

Choices, choices, choices....

The choices can make your head spin and at 500.00 plus for these devices its not a choice that the average shopper can take lightly..

so   where are you dropping your cash?


10 thoughts on “What Tablet do you plan on buying?”

  1. I want an Ipad 2 or 3. The Xoom has the features that I want, but its laggy at times, definitely buggy, not intuitive, and no good tablet apps. The Ipad is faster, smoother, very easy to use/very intuitive, and tons of great tablet apps. I currently own a Xoom-(provided by the Verizon Wireless Customer Council at no charge to me, they just ask for my honest feedback), so I’ll keep it in hopes it gets better.

  2. HTC flyer. Something about it I like alot (pen perhaps) or maybe its the sense skin that looks fantastic. Something about stock honeycomb I don’t really like.

  3. what about Toshiba tablet? full SD card better docking plug full usb plug for usb stock optical device and projector support. , LG tab or galaxay tab

  4. Im waiting for one with the Nvidia quad core cpu, and a form factor like the Galaxy Tab 8.9. That would tea bag all other tablets. Although, im not sure if the capacitive display would work too well with my wooden hand…

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