Well someone HAS to be number 2…..

Big news today was the agreement of AT&T buying Tmobile for 39 BILLION in cash and stock. (Must be All that cash they DIDN’T spend on getting LTE first)  The new combined company will service about 140+ million users and the deal is expected to be done in a year barring uncle sam calling foul..

This is a huge deal and will have long standing shockwaves for years.  This will take Verizon out of the number one spot that they have held for many years and puts Sprint firmly in the last place slot scrambling for their next move…

How will this deal affect the mobile customer…. Well I wouldnt say it will be all good but hopefully it will push Sprint and Verizon to go all out to get some of those sure to be angry T-Mobile customers into their ranks….

We shall see..



2 thoughts on “Well someone HAS to be number 2…..”

  1. Funny that AT&T finds throwing money at another carrier for shear numbers, rather than at their own network for performance, is their way of “fixing” things. Do two sub-par networks really equal one strong network? I highly doubt that the numbers would agree. Let us all hope that this pushes Verizon to bigger and better things.

  2. You don’t need to be the biggest to be the best! And…. in my opinion, Verizon is and will continue to be the best!

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