Nexus S on Sprint official

Just was showing the nexus S to someone and looking what the tag line says on Google’s page…

Way to ruin the announcement for CTIA…

Back to the lab….

Congrats to Sprint but until Verizon gets a nexus Im not interested…


14 thoughts on “Nexus S on Sprint official”

  1. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You manage to get us more excited about Verizon (e.g. your info has been partly responsible for my intent to switch from Sprint to Verizon), to help us make a better purchase decision, and produce some fun all at the same time.

    So a few people get mad at you for not having all the info in advance, or get mad if something changes. A few claim you don’t know anything anyway. A few even complain because they don’t want more info at all. But like most people, I can’t wait for the next post…

    I just hope future devices will have better battery life. Devices will all have trade-offs, but battery life is a “biggie”. Yet even in that, you did warn us, so nobody can aim their complaints at you.

  2. So … could you elaborate a bit on this? How MUCH better? And what is “yours” anyway … an out of the blue Verizon Nexus? Samsung Charge? So few words can mean so many things … teach me the ways of the Panda …

  3. If the Nexus S is the stock Android on Verizon you have referred to previously and seem to imply here, here’s what I want to know: Expansion slot or not? The original had none and that was a dealbreaker for me because 16gb on board (realistically probably only 8 or 10 available to the user?) was not nearly enough for my needs. Also not even 720p video. I felt the video and photo was not great quality and there was a lot of shutter lag after pressing the button. The Sprint version doesn’t appear to have fixed any of this – just added 4G. Any word on the expansion slot or video? I’m trying to hold off buying the Thunderbolt, but if it’s just another Nexus S with 4G, do not want. What’s MUCH better about it?

  4. No you’ve changed it to “Stock” device? Sneaky Panda you’re killing me!!! Now I don’t know what to think. Is it a different Nexus? It cant be the Droid 3 because you said this one hasn’t leaked. We need another prophetic poem!!

  5. I will be very disappointed if the “Stock” device you’re referring to is the Xperia Play. As Androinica has been tipped that its going to be stock.

  6. Aww boooo, I hope it’s not the Xperia Play. Don’t want/won’t ever buy a game phone. Give me the ultimate badass flagship LTE stock Android phone for grownups!

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