Why my daily driver may actually be a windows phone 7 device… (prt 1)

Often I am asked what device I recommend for people and alot of the time its either a Android Device or an Iphone.  I feel that 70% of the people that ask me that question fall into either of that camps user base.   Both Os’s are powerful, Apple boosts ease of use and Android boosts widgets/customizing and the like.

Blackberry people…  well they are a whole other type of creature.

But just like my post on Rim’s future I want to talk about a former power in the mobile world who actually DID go to the desert and emerge stronger for it…

a 16 bit logo.. for a 16 bit OS..

The house that Gates built tried for years to emulate the success of their pc operating system for the handheld market.    Business users were expected to use a mobile device that required a stylus, forced them to navigate kludgey menus and for a time they had massive market share.

But then as with all of the old mobile guard..  along came an apple and a droid and we know the rest…

hide your kids, hide your wife..

So what was Redmond to do?  How could they fight back the monster that is apple,  fend off the oncoming android hordes and still keep the business crowd from going completely Blackberry?

Leverage their existing products and services and perhaps find their way?

HMMM Smithers…  You may have a plan!!

Lets see what we have that people in this new age of mobile care about shall we?

Media?  Hmmm we have windows media center..  its no Itunes but Zune integration and Zune pass is a great alternative to Apple’s solution and makes the android media player look like a joke..

so we have media…  what next?  how about gaming?   Xbox Live anyone?


Sadly No Panda Avatar?

so we have two table stakes down.. a Good Browser?


IE by any other name... is still IE.. and powered by BING....

So we have a few things to work on…  but the basics are pretty good.. throw in the best in class email of Outlook and a full office suite and your golden..  So how do you get consumers that have been burned by windows mobile 6 and the bastard child 6.5 to come back to windows?

Wrap it in a pretty package..


OO shiny

so instead of sticking to the tried and true PC like experience Microsoft opted to go with a ease of use, quick access to information system they are calling METRO UI..    The UI flows sideways in a single pane that changes based on context and what you need to do in that “hub” so to speak..  Very very slick by all accounts and stunning coming from microsoft..

The idea is that people should be able to get the information they need from a glance at the home screen.  No more learning a new notification system,  digging through menus and the like,  just a glance and go approach.

This UI isnt for everyone.. Having used every OS under the sun I can say that as a power user I love the ability to tweak my user experience to the max..  Windows Phn 7 doesnt allow that..

But woe is the panda that doesnt embrace all mobile tech.. so im going to take the challenge.. can I use a Win7 device for two weeks ??  Lets find out…



7 thoughts on “Why my daily driver may actually be a windows phone 7 device… (prt 1)”

  1. Sounds like it might be a great competitor to the fruit on the fixed user experience and media fronts. On the gaming front Android might have it better, depends on how the Xperia Play turns out. You gettin one of those any time soon?

  2. If a Win7 LTE device comes out next year I will give it very serious consideration. I love the UI and have for a while since I’ve owned a Zune HD.

  3. I do like the smoothness of Metro UI. But it seems like it will get old, REAL OLD, after a while. I mean if all you want is a phone thats a phone then its great. I like the customization of android (read hackability).

  4. If winphone7was released a year ago this would be a lot more interesting. But let’s be honest its great ui and near instant ap open time doesn’t hide the os’ complete inability to multitask. Its the apple os9 of the mobile world.

  5. I offer a compromise… try Launcher7 from the market. Same great Android OS with a different face. Using it on my Incredible and have really grown attached to it. I can always load up Launcher Pro or ADW if I’m feeling homesick.

    Food for thought…

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