New Poem Time… Hypebeast Hangover….RT THIS…


When Beer flows in the color of envy and the rainbows are all but empty and you bask in the Thunder so bold…

But if it’s another device you seek to reach your Peak, then you may yet have several weeks.

For in the LiTE a new device shall shine, and perhaps that is fine if dual cores you don’t mind…

For Stevie Austin moves like a blur, Unless it stock style you prefer…

But its calmness we shall seek,

And shy away from the Hype-beast

So those signing two year choices,

don’t blame panda forces,

But the unknown sources that raise your hopes so high….

Cause at the end of the tweet a Sneaky Panda speaks and he says…



Sadly my God Daughter didn’t write this one so I hope I made her proud…


32 thoughts on “New Poem Time… Hypebeast Hangover….RT THIS…”

    1. It looks like that but he might be just referring to the next device coming out in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure he’s said before that the bionic will not be released within a month of the BOLT. But i dont wanna start rumors as i do not know. I’m just excited to see when and what comes out next

  1. Thank you for all that you do. The poems are fun, but I can’t help but wonder how long after the Bionic the Targra (sp?) will come out. The waiting is the hardest part……… ahhhhh.

  2. Guys. He’s obviously talking about the new HTC Pyramid. “Peak” and no dual core since we know HTC doesn’t do dual core.

  3. I might be reading too much into this but did he just drop a subtle reference to the HTC Pyramid? “But if it’s another device you seek to reach your Peak” “Unless it stock style you prefer…” sneaky if true 🙂 Keep it rolling I’m loving these cryptic poems LOL!

    Either way thanks for all you do for #pandanation 🙂

  4. I think that h means the Bionic will be out and the stock device will be the Revolution because the devices at CES were running stock Android. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE BIONIC!

  5. So it will have LTE and be out in several weeks. I’m not sure what you’re saying about dual core or Blur; seems not to have those. So Sammy or LG.

  6. Steve Austin produced a movie with Gary Busey titled “Moto-X Kids”

    Hype-Beast refers to the HTC Thunderbolt

    Several = More than 2 less than 10

    So this is how I interrpret what he is writing.

    Wait and do not but the HTC Thunderbolt, instead wait 3-9 weeks for the Motorola Bionic.

    With all of the hype will it be a quiet release or is the Nexus 3 coming and that is what the Stcok reference is for?

  7. “Peak” could also refer to the BIONIC – it’s codename was Etna (and it’s sister phone, the AT&T Atrix, was the Olympus), a fairly prodigious “peak.”

  8. I think he’s saying that the Bionic will be out in “several weeks”. Note the references to Stevie Austin (Bionic/Six Million Dollar man) and blur. And it will have both LTE and dual core (“if dual core you don’t mind”, meaning if you don’t mind having dual core … not that it won’t have dual core; also see the previous poem indicating dual core). The Bionic fits all of these references and this matches up with his prior poem.

    But, in addition, there seems to be a new stock device that will be coming out soon thereafter. Thus, his advice on not getting a two-year contract (“those signing two year choices, don’t blame panda forces”), if you prefer stock. Or just “wait to buy”. I don’t know what the stock device will be, whether it’s a version of the Revolution (while LTE, it’s not dual core) or the Pyramid (although I thought the Pyramid was GSM). The Stealth has been rumored both with and without dual core. So I’m not sure what is really going on with it. It may also be an option as a stock device.

  9. Awesome poem. Your last poem about the Bionic after passover and this poem makes it seem like it’s still on track for April. I would love it if it were to come in April. I’m tired of waiting. 😦

  10. And when that one comes out if you wait another will be out. And then another. And then another. And then another. At some point you have to say, “I’m not waiting anymore” and purchase something. There will always be something better a month away.

  11. Stevie Austin is a reference to the Moto Bionic (which is dual core and has blur). The mention of “several weeks” is vague – but could mean anything from 3-12 weeks or more – still fits within the Q2 rumors for the release of it.

    Towards the end he hints at a device coming out that you may not want to lock into a 2-year contract now so you can get when it arrives. He might be hinting at the Samsung device … but in other places he had recently hinted at something coming possibly next year – something not even in the hands of testers yet – but he couldn’t say more. It’s likely that mystery device he’s referring to about potential regret if you sign a two-year contract.

  12. I want to know about the 4g unlimted data and how long it will stay BC if I can be grandfathered in then ill get bolt on a 1 year contract. Please answer panda blood

  13. Took the bolt back hoping for something better soon, do wanna lock in the LTE prices for at least a year though….patiently waiting again

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