Congratulations…. now on to the next one..

“when the color green is all you see and they speak of pots of gold, perhaps in the lingering cold you may yet, hear the thunder roll,”

Lot of hard work by a lot of good people…. first commercial handset release!

And right on schedule…

perhaps i will wait Another 1000 twitter followers till I share the NEXT devices release date… hmmm what would you all like to see?   Bionic? Stealth or perhaps something that hasn’t leaked?   Stock android lte?? Hmmm

“There is another”



28 thoughts on “Congratulations…. now on to the next one..”

  1. Congrats to everyone at HTC and VZW on meeting your planned release date.

    As for stock android LTE, would that be the Moto “LTE Targa” we saw pics of released recently?

  2. Motorola hasn’t released a stock android phone since the original Droid. I seriously doubt they will now. However, if Google jumped on board with them for a Tegra based Nexus sporting LTE, Im in.

  3. Right on Panda! And, “For if you wait but a scant, till after the passover event, you may find dual core gold…”. Please let it be the Bionic next month. I’ve been torn between the TBolt and Bionic and had resigned to getting the TBolt on a 1-yr while I wait for the Bionic and the OS to get optimized. But, if I only need to wait a “scant”, then I’ll wait another month to see what hits so I can compare both firsthand. If “there is another”, I can wait (heck I’ve been doing it since last August).

  4. That depends… If ‘Stock Android LTE’ is the Nexus S, pass, have a Nexus S already.

    If it’s HTC, pass, go with Bionic.

    If it’s Motorola, yeah, I want to see you hypebeasting the thing man!

    1. Actually, on second thought, if said stock device is HTC, hypebeast it anyway; I’ll just be a tad disapppointed.

  5. The Panda is always right. Kudos to you and your team!

    I’m hoping the stock android device is made by Sammy. I would love the SAMOLED+ and samsung power with google covering all the updates.

    I was going to pull the trigger on the BOLT but now I have to wait to see what else will come out in the near future. I just hope the LTE plan stays at $30/mo. unlimited

  6. “… hmmm what would you all like to see? ”

    Well, since you asked: When will we see an HTC Android with 4.3″ WXDA (1280×800) resolution, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 dual core processor Thunderbolt 2/Incredible HD. End of 2011, this time next year? That’s the phone after my dream phone.

  7. Hahaha, sneaky Panda. The next device that you have been telling us about is/will be the Bionic, or so I’m guessing based on your “there is another” and that was also in the thunderbolt or bionic post, and you introduced the bionic as “there is another”

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