And 5 days in I think im getting hives…

So due to a challenge from family and friends I have given up twitter for the religious period of Lent. No big deal right?  Wrong?  Im on multiple devices and tweeting non stop all day.. we are talking bathroom time to when I close my eyes at night.. between tweets, Dms and such I send an average of over 200 messages a day.

To put it clearer I tweet a lot…  my facebook page has 80 friends and most are co workers yet my twitter follower list is in the thousands and once you reach critical mass twitter is one of the most powerful forms of communication ever devised..

On a side note I have regained feeling in my fingertips and my devices batteries actually last longer then 3 hours..

Umm 40 more days.. and then the @button gets abused again!

Panda out..


8 thoughts on “And 5 days in I think im getting hives…”

  1. Dear Panda,

    We miss you. Just saying.

    ❤ me

    PS How about that webOS?

    And did you hear about the NFL, i'm sure twitter would have LOVED that!

  2. I was wondering why you didn’t get back to me, you are usually so quick about that. Good show of willpower though. Can I ask you a very quick question in this comment space?

  3. You’re doing great, keep it up. A nice bonus has been all these blog posts, which I appreciate, we get more insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

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