New Logo/ New Look

It took days and days and harsh debate to choose the new logo for my blog and after reviewing dozens of submissions the panel has choosen a winner!

Intro pleasssse!!

D. Blake Goolsby  from DBG Designs

twitter @dbgoolsby

Blake is a design maven who loves his wife enough to give his prize to her…(Im sure she has to put up with his tech addiction enough that its a small repayment anyway!!)

He was able to capture the intensity of panda nation when it comes to the tech world.  the scowl given to hardware makers who dont update their devices or lock bootloaders..   According to my final judge (my goddaughter) “that looks like you”  so without further ado lets see what he came up with!!

can you say NEW HEADER!!

and something a lil more compact for avi’s and such…

New Avi... o yea

I can truly say that I was blown away by the submissions that I recieved and Blake truly showed up.  He provided me several revisions and met all the submission guidelines and then some!!

So while I drool over my new logo why dont YOU head over to DBG Designs at and get yourself something pretty too..



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