What New LTE Device are you waiting for? (poll)


12 thoughts on “What New LTE Device are you waiting for? (poll)”

  1. Why no LG in their hmm was hoping for something closer to the lg b. But from the list ill choose three. The HTC samsung if no touchwiz or palm

  2. Neither! I’m waiting for either an LTE dual core nexus device on vzw (not holding my breath on that one.) Or the first dual core HTC LTE phone on vzw. Also must have an unlocked bootloader which is why Moto will no longer get my money.

  3. Thunderbolt no doubt. I have the incredible now and sense is the only ui I can stand. Touchwiz and blur are awful in my opinion. And my girlfriends been waiting for the merge for months now. BB and ios do nothing for me so they’re out of the question.

  4. The HTC Thunderbolt looks impressive. As long as Verizon keeps the unlimited data plan on the cell phones, this is the phone I am looking forward to. With LTE, data will be used up a lot faster.

  5. Its hard to say without knowing specs. The Thunderbolt is now rumored to have a dual core processor. If this is true…its Thunderbolt hands down. If not, I may go with the more technologically advanced Motorola Etna.

  6. Where’s that LTE LG device? It looks great and was spotted with Verizon branding, right? I didn’t vote for the Thunderbolt because it’s not dual-core.

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