Let’s talk about cellphone OS’s


As a bit of a phone geek im often asked what os I prefer.  Be it apple’s IOS,  Rim’s BB os or Googles android.  The truth is im just looking for the one that can combine all my needs.  I need the email and business power or the Blackberry with the media fun of the iphone and throw a little open source crazy hardware spec android fun in there too.

As we continue to see phones become increasingly powerful (I actually used the words” it only has a 1ghz processor” today). We are faced with the facts that there are no killer spec devices and must however think about the os that drives that hardware.

Nokia is not a big player in the smartphone game in the US but is known for the amazingly good hardware they make.  Their new model N8 has a 12 mp camera and all the bells and whistles you can shake a stick at…  but attached to the aging OS that is symbian its dead on arrival.

There is a reason that the position of useability director was created in alot of these mobile companies, people want not only good hardware but a OS that is at once transparent but incredibly powerful..

So let’s hear what you all think about the upcoming OS war.. what do you see as a must have feature in YOUR next mobile operating system?

Sound off…. I will be over here huggin my phone.




4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about cellphone OS’s”

  1. I feel every OS has their own strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion. I prefer BB because it is simple, straight forward, does what I need, isn’t forced to use proprietary connections/syncing software, and great on messaging.

    These days it is definitely lacking compared to others though in more media centric areas. I have yet to play with an OS as fluid as iOS. Even on older generations, the iphones have run extremely smooth and supported very powerful apps. I feel it lacked on e-mails/notifications/multitasking before but it is definitely catching up in those areas.

    The only other OS I see that matches the fluidity of iOS is the soon to be released Windows Phone 7 OS. It’s really unique in its styling and has a contemporary feel. It seems to have the potential for apps as good as (maybe better?) than iOS. On the other hand, it still uses proprietary Zune software for syncing. It also lacks multitasking and copy/paste. Still, it is new and does show potential.

    Android seems to be a huge contender this year. Several users are dropping their BBs and some even iphones to jump on the Droid train. It is growing at an alarming rate and can really take over. I personally have not seen the need to jump to it yet even with where it makes up where my BB is lacking. I can’t explain the reasoning. I think it just seems scattered and I am used to the BBOS.

    The various manufacturers supporting WP7 and Android give them some of the latest and greatest hardware.

    I am looking forward to what RIM will be bringing with their new QNX software. We should see it on the Playbook in the coming months and hopefully on their upcoming phones. Palm/HP shouldn’t be forgotten either though. It’s interesting to see what will be coming from each side in 2011.

    1. Thanks cam! You do have alot of time on your hands. Lol. Well I plan on sharing a bit of information on each major player this week so we shall see if our opinions align my friend.

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