BlackBerry Done Right For Vzw and Sprint..

With the upcoming release of the Blackberry Tour on 7/12 I thought I would give a brief glimpse as to why all the Blackberry Heads on Sprint and Verizon Wireless are going crazy…

we have all seen the standard Blackberry design,  Screen, trackball and a full qwerty keyboard in a candy bar form factor..  The curve line was the first major BB consumer win that full qwerty all in one device, cam, media player, email all in one..  A few years ago Rim choose to make what they viewed as their Flagship device   The BOLD.. packed a speedy processor , 2mp cam, amazing screen, and an awesome keyboard that makes typing a joy, THE BOLD packed every radio Rim could fit in it.. except a CDMA which means if your on AT&T then your in 3G/Wifi heaven..  but on vzw and sprint no joy..

Sure they had the 8830 unit and three years after AT&T and Tmo they got the curve but as soon as these devices came to CDMA..  along comes the 8900 curve.. High Def screen, 3mp cam and lots and lots of App Memory…  whats a CDMA loving BB head to do??   Worry not..  cause RIM is writing a love letter to the 100+million CDMA users in the form of the tour..

what makes this the hottest Chick on the block?!?

lets look at her specs first..

  • Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, single band UMTS/HSDPA, 1X/EVDO Rev. A
  • 4.7 OS
  • Dimensions: 4.46 x 2.48 x 0.55 inches (113.5 x 63 x 14 mm)
  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM7600
  • Memory: 256 MB Device Memory / 130 MB Dedicated Application Memory
  • 3.2 MP auto focus Camera with flash
  • Offered in both camera and non-camera versions
  • 480×360 Screen (TFT)
  • HTML Browser
  • aGPS
  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • NO WiFi
  • Black Trackball
  • Silver or Black Chrome Bezel
  • Release date: 7/13/09

So as you see its got nice guts.. but what shall she wear to the Ball?!?  Thanks to for the pics!!

Smile for the cam
Smile for the cam

Now tour around, stick it out,  even white boys got to shout..  Baby Got Back!!

tour back

Now thats talk about a lil hands on…


This is the new defacto screen for all devices rim is putting out and its amazing.. graphics and pictures on this screen make looking at boring email seem like a crime..


Calls sound great (testing on vzw natch) and are clear and not muddled..  The device has a speaker port on the side of the device that gives amazing clarity to the sound.. using the speakerphone is actually nice and doesnt sound like the caller is in a tunnel.. Music and video are on point as well with truely amazing sound depth for a cellphone..

tour side


The device ships with BB OS 4.7 which is the same os as the BB storm uses.  course that device is a touch screen one but the OS translates to a keyboard and trackball incredibly well.  Now that is a boon for The Tour but shows how bad the OS is paired with the Storm if you can move a touch OS to a non touch device and not have to change anything but an input path… (end storm rant)  The OS that ships with the device is stable but expect to see a small update in the near future as OS 5.0 is being rolled out to all late models BB’s.


With the Elephant in the cellphone room that is apple and their “there is an app for that” Rim has had to face that in today’s world people want widgets, apps, games and all in their mobile devices and they are trying to adapt.  Memory on BB devices has always been based on a need to store lots of emails and text… not apps and the like.   With the 8900 Rim has changed the way they view app memory.. Now most units come with at least 256 mb of app memory so no more power users having to strip features from the OS for function (alas Brickbreaker I knew ya well).  Users can load up Rim’s App world, hit the crackberry store or whatever and go nuts on apps, themes and the like and not have memory leak delete their emails due to running out of memory..  Win for Rim but with every IPhone having at least 8Gb on board its only a temp solution..   Hardcore users have been begging for the abilty to install to media card so lets get that done!

all in all,   I am sure that the CDMA berry lovers will enjoy this device..  so line up on Sunday morning and tell them Blackmanx sent ya!!

So I can say with no uncertain terms this is the best CDMA bb ever and fits in nicely with its BOLD, CURVE 8900 brothers…

and this one is Just right..
and this one is Just right..

for a detailed review of all things tour check out CRACKBERRY.COM


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