W.E.S is coming!!

Good Morning Boys and Girls!!

As the resident pusher of all things BB to my friends and family (225 confirmed addtions to bb) I wanna remind my hardcore OS loading, 9630 awaiting,  Pearl Flip for verizon wondering where people that WES started 5-5-09…  what is WES??  How bout we let RIM (makers of BB) share..


so lets learn about WES  or the Wiresless Enterprise Symposium

About WES 2009

Today’s economic challenges mean anyone navigating their organization through staff reductions and frozen budgets is looking more carefully at where limited funds can do the most good.

Where do WES and an investment in mobility fit in? Consider that even with the realities facing enterprises worldwide, some things will never be luxuries. Business preservation, solidifying customer relationships, helping employees work more productively are always the way forward. More so in tough times.

Why is WES More Relevant Today than Ever?

Business leaders and organizations are coming to WES this year because now more than ever:

  • Mobile technologies help employees keep up with demands, on their own terms, when staff cutbacks put pressure on them to handle heavier workloads
  • Mobile solutions for sales forces, field forces and senior personnel drive competitive advantage, helping to serve your customers more effectively when they, too, are making hard decisions about who to do business with
  • There could be a mobile solution around the corner that makes the difference to your organization’s future, but your IT staff has no time to find it. Three days at WES could equal a year of legwork
  • Making business connections with other visionaries who are staying productive and focused is, for many, the only recession-proof strategy

Discover the Top Reasons to Attend WES 2009.

Who’s Coming in 2009?

  • Executives responsible for technology decisions that help bridge economic setbacks
  • IT professionals who plan, implement or administer business-building technology systems
  • Developers who create and deploy business applications and solutions that save time or streamline work processes
  • BlackBerry® solution experts who can help you develop and implement value-driven wireless solutions
  • Carriers, software vendors and solution providers who can help you get all of your wireless research completed at a single event
  • Industry leaders and analysts who are shaping the future of wireless technology

News on the Blackberry Front has been slow lately which make people think that alot of devices and information will be shown at WES..  Expect to hear about BES 5.0 and maybe some news on the Blackberry Flip 8230, Maybe the 9630 and Def OS 5.0 for devices coming soon…


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