But if Your Alone.. does that mean your Lonely???

I tend to get tired of hearing chicks and dudes alike that for whatever reason have gotten themselves into some situation that at the time started off all happiness and rainbows but ended up feeling like a trap..  I speak of the “relationship”   Now you can face this dreaded situation in one of two ways…

You can accept it and continue to live in the trap.. slowly chewing at your soul in order to get away one day..  either through cheating, fighting or just going Chris Brown..  If you cant wake up everyday and know why you want to be with that person then maybe that isnt the person for you.  If you got with that person because the person you wanted , didnt want you,  or you just didnt want to grow old alone?  here is a hint… if you can not speak to that person for a day, a week, or a month except over email or text and not miss them….  well.

Or you can do the other…

Enjoy your life, stop playing the games and looking for the RnB love,  improve yourself, become a citizen of this world.. round out your souls house with interesting items and experiences…  Become a person with something to offer other then an opinion on the latest video and Reality show. Become a Renaissance Man/Woman..  Offer more then a phat ass or stories about what you PLAN on doing… how bout u go DO it!?

It saddens me to see bright intelligent people that cant get over themselves and instead of taking the moment,  they spend their 20’s directionless and then quote Jay when its too late..  “30 is not the new 20”  it just means you should have done something with your life… Those that seek out others to validate themselves, or try to live the life that other expect of them…  I can speak of physics, politics and Shakespeare..  and then go round the way and get a chicken box and grape soda..  and never stray from who I am..

Can You?

Free your mind and the rest shall follow- En Vogue

Break the 4th wall...
Break the 4th wall...

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