So What Have I given up for lent?? or How to be nicer to the monkey….

So I was talking to a friend of mine at work about Lent (I know this post is late but I have been busy).   Some people are giving up smoking, beef or whatnot..  but your supposed to give up the thing that you love the most..  I can do without food as I can eat just about anything but my true loves are rare.. I could have given up my blackberry… but I need that for talking to friends and family and I dont have a spare phone handy.  I therefore have choosen to give up PORN…  and with that Porn..  I will be giving up the very thing that makes me calm and helps me keep that happy go lucky atitude that you all know and love…  Thats right,  I am giving up Masterbation!!!!

course mine is bigger, blacker and way cooler!!
course mine is bigger, blacker and way cooler!!

Yep…  I said it…

No more “blackmannx special happy time,

No more “spanking of the monkey”

No more “twice a day getaway”

in other words…. NO MORE MR nice guy…

I have loaded my gamefly que with games, my netflix que with movies and I will be adding alot of podcasts and more then likely writing some articles for a friends Blackberry site…

So let this begin (i know its late but I have already begun)  I will document my daily grind..

Stay tuned..


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