Brian and I were talking about how the next season in Trivia ( we were going to play at our wed location Time out instead of the current home of the INTERNATIONAL PLAYA HATA’s of Bill Bateman’s on thursdays. 
This is due to the fact that I am off and having to come all the way out on my day off sucks..not to mention the fact that the service, food, seating and fun is higher there..  
 We played a few times there this year and  went with the team name of  “you never go full retard”  (go watch tropic thunder now) 
As the Haters we yell out “hate, hate Hate” when ever we are introduced and during the scoring breakdowns but at time out we just grunt loudly and bang on the table..  🙂  
 But what does all of this have to do with the below cartoon??  back in the day we played Babies for holloween at work..  with rainbow beanies..  wanna guess what we wearing to trivia next season??
HATE!!  (Championship on 2/28/09)
Sadly I have one of these hats...
Sadly I have one of these hats...

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