Why Do I want to Stay home on SuperBowl Sunday?

I have been invited to several superbowl parties this sunday and even though I am working I wouldnt go more then likely anyway.. Not that I dont love my friends but I have assembled what I like to call..   “Man/Tech fusion”  I can sit in my living room and be totally conected to all the things I love..

I have a very large 56′ bright shiny tv with 120hz refresh rate which takes watching tv to a level of scary realism..  Im talking almost 3D 1080p quality every blade of grass showing and every ant on that blade smiling!!

Even Makes Russel Crowe Look Good!
Even Makes Russel Crowe Look Good!

Attached to this monitor of epic proportions is a the Harmon K reciever with bout 2000 watts of 7.1 surround sound power,  sound so nice that you can hear the motion moving around the room..  I watched Planet earth on blu-ray and thought I was about to get stepped on my a stampede!!

What good is a system without content you ask?? Got that covered!

Can you say Xbox 360 console connected through HDMI and providing gaming and instant netflix viewing of over 3500 movies and tv shows?  Not to mention on of the best libraries games ever..  can you say CALL OF DUTY??   of Not a fan of the Xbox huh?

Well cozying up beside it, is the Sony Ps3 with built in blu-Ray as well as 160gb HD for those days when I wanna play a lil Rock Band 2 with my family down south online…

So you still arent happy? Damn well how about a 1080P upconverting DVD player with a collection that at last count was over 1200 movies??

Not seeing anything in the DVD’s you like???  how about this to finish you off like a mortal Kombat newbie!

Custom Made media center connected to 3 Tb’s (thats 3000gb) of movies, music and other media (every ep of Soprano’s, 24, the wire, stargate Sg1, family guy, the Simpons, Robot chicken, Lost, House and The Unit) just waiting to be digested…  or you could go online to HULU or any other video site through Firefox and watch it on the monitor…

So what does a superbowl party hold for the  Blackmannx (who doesnt really drink) other then the company of some friends and family??

Not much but I will still end up going someone place after work… because the bottom line is this..  even though I love my toys.. watching my family cut up during a game is something that cant be put into digital..  no matter how much I try..

so Imma eat, drink and be merry, while the server records and catalogs the entire series of Doggie Howser (love me some NPH)

Blackmannx…..  Son


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