Thats why I fucks with that man…

In all the hub bub about Obama and his Blackberry I havent touched on it.. Why you ask? Because I knew it really wasnt a story.. If you use and love your Berry as much as he does then getting the ultimate seat of power in the world (sorry prime minister of turks and Cac) then you will simply keep it…

“o but what about the security concerns?”
-Rim is known throughout the world for their data protection, in fact even they can not see your msgs!

“its absurd for a world leader to use a blackberry, he has lots of people to read his email an let him know whats going on”
-This man is a hands on type of person who enjoys staying in the know, also most world leaders would be smart to stop letting Yes Men spin information to them..

Let that man have his Blackberry.. every other government office head uses one.. why shouldn’t the head of ALL THE GOVERNMENT use one to..

Hell he even has THE NETWORK (Verizon) 8830 world edition in silver… I rocked that for a min and trust when I say… if all hell breaks loose.. He will get that call…

Try to take My Phone?!?!? SHIIITT!!!
Try to take My Phone?!?!? SHIIITT!!!

All In all, I think this entire story may have become an Boon to blackberry,  when the most powerful man in the world “cant live” with out your device….  Damn!

And you wonder why I rock one with three in the drawer for backup!!


One thought on “Thats why I fucks with that man…”

  1. Even the Prime Minister of Turks and Caicos knows you can’t trust those Canadians.

    This is national security man! Do you want Osama Bin Laden to know Obama’s PIN?! He would be able to exploit his grape soda and cornbread weakness.

    In the interest of all Americans, Obama needs to but the crackberry down and get a nice American based Windows enabled phone. I mean who doesn’t trust Microsoft?

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