Maybe Time to Get that New Curve…. If You can drive in the data Slow Lane!


Im a lil late posting this but what the hell…  I have alot of people waiting for this new unit to drop.. Lots of people who rock their curves all day, banged up, nicked up and tricked out but just havent taken that step to The Bold or The Storm…   I happened to have LOVED my curve with all my heart but just had to upgrade to the storm because that damn screen is so frickin hot!!

But lets say that you dont do the touchy-feely thing or dont like verizon and The Bolds rather wide size and pleather backing turn you off..  what are u to do to scratch that New Blackberry itch and take advantage of those new Blackberry Perks like High Quality screen and camera?!?  Enter the BlackBerry 8900… Or CURVE 2 as it will be known!

Like a mix of a Storm, Bold and Curve.... I shall call it, Rosebud
Like a mix of a Storm, Bold and Curve.... I shall call it, Rosebud

Lets get the Specs out the way..  This is a GSM unit, and if I have to explain that to you then please stop reading this review…  But for those that continued anyway, means that it will only work on a GSM carrier such as AT&T or Tmobile.

Rim is telling anyone that will listen that its “the thinnest and lightest full QWERTY BlackBerry device available” but I am not sure as to what Blackberry owner looking at this unit will give a shit..  The main star of the show when compared to the current curve offering is that AMAZING FRACKING SCREEN… We are talking a screen that packs more pixels per inch then anything else on the market.. When I stay HIGH DEF  I mean it…480×360 resolution is just SICK!

Screen has to be seen to believed
Screen has to be seen to believed

Its running OS 4.6 which means it gets the updated ICON set like the Bold and Storm as well as the expected OS updates and bugs (damn Rim what the hell happened to Rock Solid OS builds)  Its packing a 524 Mhz processing and 256Mb of room for the apps /themes/crap that you will want to cram into it..   It has AGPS and WiFi B/G radios along with Bluetooth and since the curve was always the comsumer device the 3.5mm headphone jack remains. On the side you have volume buttons and two user assigned keys as with most new Blackberries Rim has placed the microSD card slot under the battery door but still hot swappable (and yes my 16Gb card does work)

Unit uses the same media player as the BOLD with support for everything you would want to play that isnt APPLE DRM protected..  Torrent users can rejoice that DIVX support is included out the box!  booyah!

Now for what RIM didnt include in this phone..   3 G!  as this phone will hit Tmobile first and they use a funky non standard 3G freq this phone will be running EDGE..  thats right slow ass “how fricking long will this page take to load” EDGE..

Turning the unit over you get a view of the 3.2 mp camera with Led flash (super bright just like the storm) which takes better pictures then the storm (colors do not seem as washed out) and records video for those needing to … umm record low quality cell phone video.

Also round back you get to see the newly designed storm style battery cover that RIM is using now..  Kinda makes me wonder what the Bold Users are thinking of their So CAlled Flagship device???  I would guess that At&T will not be adding 3G to this unit when they start selling the curve 2 as there is no person in their right mind that wouldnt choose it over a BOLD.. Pleather Back or not. lol

Holding the unit in the hand it just feels Right… I mean I have heard other sites talk about it but I didn’t believe it could be that great… guess what It is.  This phone fits the hand nicely and offers one handed ease of use that I havent seen in a unit in a long time.. The first curve was nice to use but this thing just FITS…

Another big thing that Blackberry users harp on is keyboard.. Where the Bold took its style from the 8800 Series keyboard which most users did not like, this unit takes the classic curve qwerty keyboard and refines it.  The unit types well and seems like long emails can be banged out with a minimum of thumb fatigue.  Keys have a firmness to them but not overly so and there is nice assuring response to them..  It was a welcome change to use this keyboard after spending so much time with my Storms Clickthrough keyboard..

I have been playing with this unit and I can say that its a good device and a solid offering to refresh the workhouse of RIM’S user base..

The lack of 3G in these data intensive times will hinder some from picking this up as it will not work well with YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK addicts that consume alot of mobile bandwith but for the everyday email and instant msg addict that doesnt wanna break the bank its a good choice..

The best advice I can offer on this unit is to simply hit up a tmobile store in your area and play with the damn thing…


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