Why Do I hate the Ravens?!?

Yesterday was a very interesting day..  Most of my friends know that I am not a football fan at all.  In fact I made a choice in 2008 to accept that and live my life…  I took Madden 2009 back to the store unopened and faced life as a Basketball fan.. I gave up LT for Kobe and only kept a mildly interested eye on my former fav team THE TITANS of TENN…  Mind you I could really care less how they go but I like the coach since the team was in houston so I have a passing interest.. I couldnt name three of their players though..

The shinning and Glory
The shinning and Glory

Now I happen to manage a large call center with several Die Hard Ravens fans and up till now I considered them mildy annoying but that was about it..  Till they started winning!! 

The second Coming of Johnny U!? PLEEZZZ
The second Coming of Johnny U!? PLEEZZZ

OMG then the ASSHOLE RAVEN FAN went into full force!!  You would have thought that Joe Flacco (their shity rookie QB) was the god of Football and walked on a road made of the skulls of his downed foes!!


But the truth is they arent that good..  he just doesnt lose the game for them..   Hell ED REED has more TD’s!  

The First game the ravens and titans played Tenn won 10-13 and there was a roughing the passer call that keep a drive alive but even after that Ray Ray and the boys had a chance to stop them and didnt..  I didnt brag about it but hearing since week 7 that “your team stole a win” was a wonderful thing..

Fast Forward… to 1/10/09  Playoffs and Tenn has home field..  In comes the Ravens..

I will not talk about the game but to say one thing…  my team had 3 turnovers within 10 yards of the endzone, they intentionally hurt our running back, we had 13 flags thrown for various issues and baltimore got a magic extended play clock with a QB that can throw from behind the goal post..  Final score 13-10 ravens…   I recieved at least ten text messages, and phone calls at the end of the game from Ravens Fans and it makes me sad that the “purple Pain” will continue… 

How are they going to steal my style!
How are they going to steal my style!

Maybe if the fans werent assclowns they wouldnt always feel like the NFL and life are picking on them..


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