The Reactionary Negro…….

Got an email today and wanted to post it and see what the messes felt on it…

Why does the so-called Negro react to everything in the world? Why cannot he/she learn how to be proactive, to originate an agenda and stay on focus no matter what else goes on around him? Remember that old civil rites song, “I Shall Not Be Moved.” And the other tune, “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round.” These are songs of the warrior, not the supplicant, and until we dawn the persona of the warrior we shall continue chasing fires, from coast to coast, like chickens with our heads cut off. What about a general action plan for the next one hundred years–our enemy has one for us, to keep us oppressed for eternity, but what is our plan, for then it doesn’t matter what is his plan. But if we have no plan, then we shall surely follow his, whether it is expending our energy on a white woman for president or a white Negro–this has nothing to do with the ultimate national aspirations of forty million people. It is about submission to the national agenda of white supremacists and their collaborators. The Democrats and Republicans are both white supremacists who will ultimately attempt to maintain white privilege and power around the world, utilizing the power of North American Africans when it suits the agenda of white supremacy—forget about the dream of democracy for it only has relevance when it can be used as a subterfuge for maintaining and extending white supremacy at home and around the world. One need only take a photo of the US Congress and Supreme Court to understand this is a white man’s land, no matter what the demographics say or suggest for the future.

We are caught in a class war where color makes no difference. There shall be blacks as dangerous to our national health as whites, yet they shall be presented as our saviors and we shall go for the sham liberators just as we would go for fried ice cream or be duped into purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wake up, North American Africans and get a healing. Your slothful thinking has you going backward into neo-slavery. You are being attacked by white supremacy from Jena, LA to West Virginia to Yuba City, CA, mainly because you have been lulled to sleep with nursery rhymes of rappers and pseudo prosperity sermons from preachers with more dramatic techniques than Shakespeare.

You claim to be mature adults and elders with wisdom, yet you appear to suffer arrested development, for your pants sag on your behinds just like your children, adult women have tattoos above the crack of their behinds just as their daughters. Adult men drive cars and SUVs with wheels spinning backwards as do their children and the cars of adults play rap songs unfit for adults with mature minds we would expect to be listening to Miles, Coltrane and Charlie Parker. Thus, you are part of the problem rather than the solution. So we wonder from whom might a solution derive since naturally and traditionally adults are expected to rule their communities. But adults and elders in the North American African communities are terrified of their children, refuse to speak with them or intervene while they practice mayhem and behavior fit for animals. We refuse to hug a thug even when the thug is our own sons and daughters, nephews, nieces and neighbors.

Even when they go to jail, the sons of most men are left to the tender love of their mothers, for the men abandon their sons to the criminal justice system or are themselves victims as well.

And again, reaction is the order of the day, for thinking is confined to the box of Americana, thus the adults in the hood rarely consider taking total and absolute authority over their community, excluding the police, politicians and religious leaders who are mainly agents of pharaoh, Masonic neophytes duty bound to let the blind stay blind.

But no matter how long it takes, no matter how long the adults linger in passivity and Hamletic indecision, the ultimate solution is for elders to step to the front of the line and represent, take total control over the social life of their community. They must form elder councils of radical men and women who are proactive with ideas fit for the new millennium, integrated with the new technology and wisdom from progressive elements of the global community.

Ideas such as entrepreneurship and micro credit must be presented to our youth so they can envision solutions to their economic woes other than drugs, pimping, prostitution and murder.
–Dr. M (Marvin X)


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