Full Obama Love…

Ok..  I admit it,  in the last couple weeks I have become an Obama supporter.. I am not out there putting up signs and what not but after listening to the man, his beliefs, the issues and seeing McCain for what he is I feel that I have to throw my support behind the man that I think is best for America…  on that note I saw this article about extreme makeover.. otherwise known as Palin’s new clothes/hair etc..  she has become a lighting rod.. eiher you love or hate the woman.  Obama continues to walk the walk and deal with real america issues/not SNL appearances and trying to stay out of Jail..

the man walks the walk all day...
the man walks the walk all day...

One thought on “Full Obama Love…”

  1. It has already been discovered that the whole makeover was the GOP’s idea, not hers.

    Anyway you cut it, we have 4 government employees drawing their normal paycheck while out looking for a new job. All 4 of them are cheating the American people so what’s another $150k?

    McCain and Palin are toast as much as their own doing as Obama’s. Their whole campaign is based on negative publicity toward Obama while Obama is focusing more on the issues. They are desperate and are now trying to pull their opponent down rather than raise themselves up.

    Democrat or Republican, the country is in trouble and it won’t change much under either of them since they’re virtually the same. I’m writing in Ron Paul and I suggest anyone that feels that neither candidate represents them writes in someone that does instead of participating in this sham of a 2 party system government.

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