Comcast should burn in absolute hell…..

1Gbps Fiber-Optic Service Arrives in Japan on October 1

Near-instantaneous porn downloads will soon be possible in Japan thanks to a speedy new, widely available, fiber-optic service from ISP KDDI. The service will offer upload and download speeds (each way) of up to one gigabit per second. The service goes online October 1 for single family homes and low-rise apartment buildings for about $56 a month, and will be considerably higher than the current 100 megabits per second norm most Japanese citizens already enjoy today. If the outcome of the 2008 election doesn’t get me to move to another country, these currently untouchable download speeds just might.

This makes Verizon Fios look like 56k….and with comcast capping date at 250gb a month I can see me getting a plane ticket…


2 thoughts on “Comcast should burn in absolute hell…..”

  1. Because starting Oct 1st comcast wll be limiting bandwith to 250 gb’s and charging more for it then fios or competing tech… I use my internet for everything, from tv, to work to playing online games… They say that most people dont use that amount but I average 200 gb in streaming media watching a month alone…

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