Dunbar Coach Pulls players off the field after Players called NIGGAS

Saturday, September 20, 2008; Page E10

Leading 14-8 midway through the third quarter last night at Fort Hill in Cumberland, Md., Dunbar Coach Craig Jefferies said he pulled his team off the field after Crimson Tide players were subjected to repeated racial epithets.

“They were trying to upset us, calling my guys the N-word. I had one guy in tears. I had to take him off the field,” Jefferies said, adding that as he walked with his team to the locker room he was verbally accosted with slurs. He said the team was forced to stay in the locker room for 30 minutes while police established a secure path for the team to board its buses.

Messages left for Fort Hill Coach Todd Appel were not returned. A Cumberland police spokesman said last night there were no arrests at the game.

Jefferies said when he took his player off the field, the player threw his helmet down on the sideline, which drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Dunbar had four unsportsmanlike penalties for the game, three in the third quarter.


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The Tide was flagged for a late hit on the next play, and Jefferies was penalized for arguing that foul.

Jefferies plans to send a videotape of the game, which is expected to be ruled a forfeit, to officials.

So faithful readers…  what do you think??  Think the coach did the right thing or should he have made his team stay out there and whip that ass then file an official protest?  opinions please…


2 thoughts on “Dunbar Coach Pulls players off the field after Players called NIGGAS”

  1. You beat me to it! I saw this in the Post the other day and was going to blog on it myself.

    This is a kids football game. Racism is never gone but I thought in MD at least we were at the point where a HS football team can go out to the boonies and not get heckled with racial epitaphs by the crowd. By the parents of the opposing team.

    I’d expect this in Mississippi or Alabama, but in the socialist republic of MD? Coach did the right thing and I think if the tape shows what the coach is claiming, the forfeit should go to Fort Hill.

  2. I am from western Maryland and I wish the Post and other newspapers would have done a more thorough investigation. Very biased and one sided, presuming Fort Hill guilty. I guess it makes for a better story as I see the Post’s blogs had more hits on this than other major sports stories. I believe that they failed to mention that the Dunbar players vandalized the bathroom at the Ponderosa Steak House that day. They mention about the Confederate flag ordeal last year, but fail to mention that the trouble started when 2 African- American girls came here from D.C. to live with thier aunt because thier mother was in jail for drugs. They started arguments with other student who had Confederate flags on thier shirts or as bumper stickers, demanding that they remove the stickers and not wear the shirts. Of course, the students became defensive about thier heretage and it escalated from there. The Confederate flag is part of the history of western Maryland, at one time flying over the city. It is not a racist flag nor a symbol of slavery except by those who are naive enough to believe what other uneducated people have to say rather than picking up a history book and reading for themselves. Coach Jefferies said he was warned by someone not to come to Cumberland because he wouldn’t get a fairly officiated game. When momentum shifted to Fort Hill in the third quarter after three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties he pulled his team. And the race card. After an investigation by the MPSSAA, the forfiet was awarded to Fort Hill. I can’t confirm this anywhere (somebody may know and can post it on here) but I heard the the coach pulled his team off the field again the following week. In conclusion, Cumberland is a close knit town. The Post has us split into the good side and the bad side of the tracks. Believe me, that is as far from the truth as one can get. We are a very proud united community.

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