Lunch time fun…

Evil Bastard!!  Hate hate hate
Evil Bastard!! Hate hate hate

Had alot of running around to do today and getting kinda famished I choose to hit up subway for cheap eats…

I’m ordering my sub…not really paying too much attention..the “sandwich artist”  as i believe they would like to be called starts cutting my sub and drops the knife on the ground…the “cling clang clanging” is what brought me out of my daydream…so i’m thinking this dude’s gonna throw the knife in the sink. This mofo picked up the knife and attempted to cut my bread!!!
In utter amazement I had to check homes…”HOLD THE FUKK UP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”….dude just looked at me like . So I told him to go wash the knife…and cut mine with another one…I told him i’d shut his shyt down cuz i know peeps who work in the Public Health sector….dude got real shook, but it was the audacity to not only attempt to cut my bread wit the dirty knife, but to do it right in front of my face like there was nothing wrong wit it.  Cat picks up another knife that looked like it was covered in old ass mayo..  ya know the kind that gets that yellowing look.. like old jizz?!?  OOO hell nah..  go wash the first knife and use that…  No E-coli for me!!  The rest of the people in line ahead of me stopped paying for their shyt and started asking “did you use that knife on my food”  ten mins later we all got hookup up with fresh sandwiches….

Word to the wise peeps….  watch yaself…


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