Shopping is Fun!!

I am redoing my home theater system and as my xbox and upscaling dvd player both use HDMI and my audio video receiver doesn’t have those inputs I needed to upgrade…

I stopped by my friendly best buy and happened to luck up on the deal of the week.. Check out my newest member of the family!!

AVR 347
7.1-Channel A/V Receiver With HDMI™ Switching and Audio/Video Processing
385W: 55 watts x 7 (All channels operating at full-rated power), THD <0.07%, 20Hz – 20kHz into 8 ohms
665W: 95 watts x 7, THD <0.07%, @1kHz into 8ohms

Picture this! The AVR 347 not only includes a host of powerful features such as DCDi® by Faroudja video processing, Simplay HD™-verified HDMI™ 1.1 connectivity with full audio processing and EzSet/EQ™ technology – it uses a colorful user interface to make system setup and operation easier than ever. Add full multiroom capability with A-BUS® connectivity and you have pure Harman Kardon® sound everywhere in the house.

One reciever to rule them all
One reciever to rule them all

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