And there is a Storm on the horizon..

In my continuing quest to find the perfect phone on the perfect network I have been awaiting the arrival of the newest Blackberry from research in motion…  It was codenamed the “AK” or Apple Killer as the Iphone has been sonn’ing motorola and the like for a min since dropping the Jesus phone on the masses..   RIM has choosen to go away from their tried and true keyboard/trackball based phone design and go all touchy feely…

They also went to the one carrier who had the customer base needed to make a dent as well as a bit of a grudge against apple..  VERIZON..  So as the phone is currently in develoment bits of info are coming out..  check out the packaging!!  Some details are :included 8bg memory card (i have one in my curve and it replaced my Ipod) world wide roaming with internal international GSM for europe.  Pixel density is supposed to be deeper then the iphone so it should look better and they have been working on the media player to attempt to compete with ITUNES with support for DIVX being a big deal for all up downloaders…

So per engadget I give you the design for the box…

Storm box
Storm box

Look for it to get a marketing push in the middle of sept..  Verizon and Rim have started seeding beta units and you know they had to give love to the DMV…  Hmmm  I know what your thinking…  doesnt the blackmannx work with verizon wireless……  yep.  isnt he the biggest blackberry geek ever???  ….. yep.   could he have a …….   Maybe.

Stay tuned


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