The Dream Vs The Redeem….. FIGHT!!

I know all the Jordanites will lose their minds but Mike and Mike made a great point this morning on their program, The Redeem team is better. On the Original Dream Team, Bird, Magic(retired) were way past their prime. Key matchups would be Scottie Pippen guarding LeBron James, a over the hill Magic watching Chris Paul blow by him and a more physical and athletic Dwight Howard vs Patrick Ewing and David Robinson.

Another point was that the Original Dream team was feared and left the rest of world in awe. The other teams just wanted their autographs and were no where close to as good as the international teams that play now. Most of them having their own star NBA players on their team such as France, Germany, Spain.

My prediction………..

Redeem Team……..98

Dream Team………101

Starting Line Up Match UP’s

Point Guard – Magic Johnson(retire) v. Chris Paul
Shooting Guard – Michael Jordan(In Prime) v. Kobe Bryant
Small Forward – Larry Bird(Past Prime) v. LeBron James
Power Forward – Charles Barkley(In Prime) v. Carmelo Anthony
Center – Patrick Ewing(Prime) v. Dwight Howard

1992 Olympics (Barcelona) – The Dream Team

Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76ers
Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics
Clyde Drexler of the Portland Trail Blazers
Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks
Earvin “Magic” Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers (who was not in the NBA at the time of the Olympics, but returned briefly for the next season)
Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls
Christian Laettner of Duke University
Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz
Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors
Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls
David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs
John Stockton of the Utah Jazz
Coach: Chuck Daly of the Detroit Pistons


2008 Olympics – The Redeem Team

Boozer, Carlos of the Utah Jazz
Kidd, Jason of the Dallas Mavericks
James, LeBron of the Cleveland Cavaliers
Williams, Deron of the Utah Jazz
Redd, Michael of the Milwaukee Bucks
Wade, Dwyane of the Miami Heat
Bryant, Kobe of the Los Angeles Lakers
Howard, Dwight of the Orlando Magic
Bosh, Chris of the Toronto Raptors
Paul, Chris of the New Orleans Hornets
Prince, Tayshaun of the Detroit Pistons
Anthony, Carmelo of the Denver Nuggets

Young Bucks was nice in winning the Gold… All nike commercial ready and fulla that swagger..

But in case you need a reminder of what a team of HALL OF FAMERS can do?!  Talking about Bron’ going up against two of the best power forwards in the history of the game?!?  Bron aint running over Malone!  and Barkely would beat that ass…


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