Southwest Stands up when the kids Wont sit down…

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check it out…..  as always he gives an opinion that I can’t help but see as cynical and a bit rude…  guess thats why he is MY friend!!!  But Big ups to Southwest!!  and another things..  With a Name Like Wendy Slaughter and already having two kids with genetic issues why the frick did she get  knocked up with another..  after a while you take the hint that the Gene pool is giving…..

“This little news story comes from our friends at KIRO TV in Washington St.

Family Says Airline Left Them Stranded At Airport

POSTED: 10:30 am PDT July 6, 2008
UPDATED: 11:01 am PDT July 6, 2008
SEATAC, Wash. — A woman with two disabled children said her family was left stranded by Southwest Airlines on their way to Seattle. Wendy Slaughter was traveling with her four children and her five-months pregnant sister Friday on a Southwest Airlines flight from Detroit to Seattle. One of Slaughter’s children has autism and she also has a daughter with cerebral palsy. When the family landed in Phoenix they were met at the gate by police officers, detained and told they were too disruptive to get on their connecting flight to Seattle, Slaughter said. Slaughter said they were left stranded at the Phoenix airport with no money and no lodging. This was the first flight for the children.
Slaughter admitted the children were loud and kept getting up and walking around the plane.“The children were out of control on the flight you know, they were restless, excited and worked up and they are kids,” said Slaughter. The family said flight attendants asked them to quiet the children twice, but they didn’t expect to be booted off the flight “I am furious about it. I can’t believe they could do something like that and then leave us completely stranded with no money no way to get anywhere,” Slaughter said.
Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Christi Day told KIRO-7:”They were being disruptive and unruly on the plane, and for the safety of our customers and the flight crew, we decided to not allow them to travel on to Seattle at that time. Typically if it’s a threatening behavior, it’s not safe to travel 30,000 feet in the air in a contained environment.” The family said police officers bought them food and Motel 6 donated a hotel room for the night. The children’s grandmother said she had to pay $2,000 to book last-minute tickets on Alaska Airlines. They said they didn’t have any problems on that three-hour flight. The family said they want Southwest Airlines to compensate them and give a public apology.
I love people and companies that actually enforce a consequence for behavior. This family is absolutely “outraged” that they were kicked off the plane! They freely admit that they were told twice to calm their little brats down but didn’t do so. Ok, so two of the kids are disabled. Excuse me if I call that a poor fucking excuse. What about the other ones? I don’t think it was your kid with cerebral palsy running around the plane making a ruckus.
And bring on the hate mail and comments but what guess what this “family” consisted of? Outraged mom who can’t control her 4 kids and her sister. Where’s Daddy? Who knows. It probably doesn’t matter because apparently nobody does any type of parenting since they simply excuse the kids behavior despite the fact they knew they were in the wrong.  You can see an interview of the family on KIRO TV’s site. They look like a bunch of winners.
So kudos to Southwest. They did the right thing in invoking consequences for bad behavior. Hell to boot they refunded the tickets for the family but did not issue an apology. A big middle finger to KIRO TV for positioning this story as a “big bad corporation mistreats poor innocent defenseless family” case. The corporation clearly took steps to avoid the family from being booted from their flight which they promptly either ignored or could not comply with. This is why no one speaks up when bad behavior is occurring. Instead of telling someone what they are doing is inappropriate, they ignore it because if you speak up you will be vilified. “How dare you tell me how to raise my kids!!” Well ma’am because you probably should be on a genitalia repossession program anyway.
So to my fair readers, please purchase Southwest’s services whenever possible. You should be doing this anyway since all the other airlines are absolutely terrible, cost more and are never on time. But at least on Southwest you won’t have to put up with some whiny woman’s uncontrollable retarded children.”

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