What are you doing tonight?!?

As promised I wanted to post some info about something that has become a staple in my life… I have been doing this for a couple of years and I can say I truly enjoy it, because of the mix of hanging with my friends, alcohol, and a wisecracking ass dude on the mike…  No I am not talking about wedding crashing but Bar Trivia!!  


What is this thing I speak of!?!? 


Its really simple,  you grab some friends and sign up to answer questions ranging from pop culture to science class 101..  You can win bar cash if you come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd but really I don’t think anyone plays to try to make a living off of it…   


I played last year on Wednesdays at Timeout Sports bar in Westminster Md (shout out to Andre and Tracy on the sliders) game starts at 830 so I head over there after work and meet B (see Grumpy 20 something in my links) get my coke and Sliders and heckle the hell outta Brian (the mc/owner/Guy that plays stroking)   Every season there is a tournament of teams and the top 15 teams from all the locations play in a playoff and championship for cash!   (not going to mention how Brian chickened out and we didn’t go to the playoff game)


All in all it’s a fun time and where else can you and a buncha drunken people attempt to spell lackadaisical in 30 seconds!!


Check out the site at www.showtimetrivia.com….  Tell them that a Hata Sent you!


One thought on “What are you doing tonight?!?”

  1. I appreciate you not mentioning me bailing out on the playoffs…oh wait you did. Bastard.

    Oh well…better to miss one game than continuously “bet it all” and not even have a chance at playoff. Hate! Hate! Hate!

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