Quick Mini Post before nite nite!!

Just wanted to throw something up before I go to bed..

checked out hell boy 2…  review to follow,

Running O.s 4.5 .52 on my Verizon curve… Review to come once I get done testing
Got my mega Touch screen phone review coming..  3G iphone in hand, Verizon Dare and Sprint Instinct all powered up and ready to let you all know what phone will reign after July 11th as the best touch screen phone till the THunder!

Backed up my media server… you would be amazed how long 2Tb takes to back up…  pretty long time..  Thinking about posting instructions on making your own server.. imagine being able to watch anything at anytime in anyroom and not being held hostage by comcast or direct tv.. and all you need is a pc, router, tv and the abilty to “find” media…

Also want to talk about a local trend in my hood so to speak where people of all ages get together and try to answer questions about things that have no real worth in life… Not talking about college..   Talking about a hobby that I have come to enjoy called BAR TRIVIA!!  HATE HATE HATE!!!  (u will get it later)

Thats about it… got a lil something special for the flashback friday video …  so this should be an interesting week…

Till then true believers…  Holla!


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