So your saying a Mattress on the floor isnt called Japan style???

een on a furniture hunt the last couple weeks and came across  some design ideas…  now you have to know a lil about me to understand my taste..  I am very neat, very east Asian inspired, an art lover and have a taste that ranges on the expensive side, simply because I believe in paying for quality and dont put my dough into stupid shyt like drugs, drinks and stripper meat..    Feel like its time to get my grown man on and I need a bed that inspires that in me..  something that looks like it came out of the matrix with a hint of that swagger that only a true don dada can carry…    so check out some ideas and lemme know your thoughts..

the zen set
the zen set
zen dresser... so funky u dont wanna put ur socks in it..
zen 2... different sheet set
zen … different sheets
Slightly more mainstream???

Something more Mainstream??  I have always liked a nice platform bed..

Side tables make a bedroom

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