Lets see if you all can Dance to this…

There was a bit of controversy last year about BET refusing to show a music video that they deemed in “bad taste”  this is the same network that played “fry that chicken” and other family and socially redeeming video’s… This song talks about alot of things that the Black community at large doesnt but should..  We are losing the fight and sadly the enemy is in our own midst and wearing our colors..  So lets check out the video that Black Entertainment Television thought was not fit to air…

But instead BET will play this SHIT!?!?!?!


3 thoughts on “Lets see if you all can Dance to this…”

  1. BET is the biggest piece of sh*t televison station I haveEVER seen!!! I’m Black and I think it is an absolute waste of the airwaves. The CEO needs to be taken out back and have sense sense beaten into his head. He is a f*cking disgrace. Period.

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