Something for the “pod” -Cool Music Drop-

For those that like a lil something different I am going to post music that moves me..  cant assure the links will stay alive forever but here ya go!

Dwele-Sketches Of A Man

1. Sketches Of A Man (Intro)
2. Free As A Bird
3. Feels So Good
4. Blow Your Mind
5. A Few Reasons (Truth Pt. 2)
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Workin’ On It
8. Brandi
(feat. Slum Village)
9. 5 Dolla Mic
10. I’m Cheatin’
11. You Won’t Be Lonely
12. Love Ultra
13. Travelin’ Girl
14. If You Want To
(feat. Lloyd Dwayne & J. Tait)
15. Shady
16. 70’s
17. Vain
18. Spiritual
19. I’m Sorry (Wake The Music Baby)
20. Body Rock


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