Maybe I spoke to soon…..

Could this be the BK?  \"Blackberry Killer\"

I just got done watching Stevie Job’s Keynote at the WWD (world wide Developers Conference) and I have to admit he does make you wanna drink the Kool Aid….  He took the fan boys to the hole with the first (lets see how much they will pay) IPHONE and then gave then the real device a year later this time with AT&T bending over and paying crazy money to get it at that price point that would see 10 million fly off the shelf…  Check the details..  thinking Imma have to take July 11th off…

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A quick data comparison — 104Kbps on the EDGE iPhone to 215Kbps on the 3G model. 2x ain’t bad, and almost on par with WiFI.
  • The enable/disable 3G setting is real, and buried a few menus deep. There is no automatic switching, Apple just assumes you’ll leave 3G on, and that the iPhone has the juice to support that usage. They are saying 5 hours of talk time when most 3G phones barely gettting 3 thats a serious power management system.  Course AT&T has been expanding their 3G coverage for 6 months getting ready so most major cities should have coverage.
  • It’s tri-band 3G, as we reported the other day. This same phone will ship worldwide, meaning you can rock that high speed data in brazil chilling with the mami’s.
  • WiFi is still 802.11b/g, no support for n yet.
  • Yes, that GPS is A-GPS, meaning that if it cant get a Satellite lock it will use the cell towers to find you.
  • Geotagging photos is a thumbs-up. Meaning if you snap a shot of a honey then wifey will know where your ass was!
  • The screen looks exactly the same 3.5 inches and one of the best screens to watch video on..
  • The camera is identical to the first –a really bad looking 2 megapixels. No front-facing camera
  • The plastic back is very glossy, so it’ll pick up fingerprints just as well as the glass up front.
  • It comes with a ridiculously, absurdly small power adapter. It basically looks like a tiny square with a USB port on one side, and power prongs on the other. It will power any other iDevice (iPod touch, 1st gen iPhone, etc.), and sell separately for those that want a smaller adapter.
  • The dock (now sold separately) and adapter (if you want an extra) will both go for something like $29, although that price is not yet confirmed.
  • No mention was made of copy/paste, MMS, etc.
  • It doesn’t look like this thing is going to fit in your old dock. The new dock does look smaller and more sculpted to the new iPhone’s curves.
  • The headphone jack is flush, as mentioned. It’s still 3.5mm, so if you don’t like the out of box phones (which won’t stay in our ears), bring your own, no problem — and no adapter needed!
  • Yes, original iPhones are totally gone, you won’t be seeing those made anymore.  but I am betting a rack of them just showed up on EBAY…Long live the aluminum back!

It looks like they took an amazing device and made it significantly better. If the battery life is as good as they claim, it may make a dent on the BLACKBERRY in the enterprise space. And even if it doesn’t, at $199 it’s going to be extremely hard for people to resist.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I spoke to soon…..”

  1. so this is why i am reluctant in investing in Apple. they come out with new stuff too quickly and therefore I will be upset if my 300 dollars went “old” by the very next year.

    sure, i still want a laptop. but concerning the ipods and iphone, nope not doing it.

  2. Yeah but this will make the consumer all the more the winner because everyone else will have to hit that magic 200.00 price point if they want to fight the elephant in the corner…

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