Phone Madness… I speak CDMA, IDEN AND GSM.. SON

Figured since I have been posting a lot of reviews lately I would share a review on my newest piece of tech… 


Anyone that knows me knows I love Phones, (sadly I hate to talk to people) but I am a regular reader of Boy Genius, Endgadget, Gizmodo, Crackberry and Howard Forums Etc Etc.  I have owned and more then likely destroyed, modified and reflashed everything from a Startec to a D&G 24 karat edition phone..  So to put it plain.. I fucks with the phone game..  I speaks it, can tell you the product roadmap for Moto, Lg, Sammy, HTC (if you don’t know who they are then stop reading) in short I didn’t get an IPHONE because I knew in 2 years it would be 3G and kick ass. (got it no preorder with a buddy at AT&T)


So lets talk about the new everyday phone I copped… 


The Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon,   I know the Curve has been out for about a year on AT&T and T Mobile but it’s just getting to Sprint, Verizon, ALLTEL and the CDMA carriers and it was worth the wait.  


I had the Blackberry 8830 world edition phone which would be great if I traveled the world as much as I used to but other then a trip to Canada or a vacation to the islands I do not have a reason to need it.  I mainly got the phone for the trackball and the fact that I was switching to Verizon and wanted the newest Blackberry they had. 

Cool, but no camera
The 8830 has some shortcomings such as NO CAMERA!  As a business model it didn’t have a camera due to many companies not allowing them on site (FBI, CIA, NSA) but those people still want and need to latest and greatest BB tech.


I found out that the CURVE was coming to Verizon at the beginning of the year and it has been a waiting game, the Curve is seen as the best full featured BB yet and it has a Camera!!  So when I saw it online was hitting stores 5/2/08 I put in motion the plan I had been hatching for months..


Time for a new chick on my hip


I was not in my upgrade cycle and the full retail of the phone is over 600.00 I knew I needed a plan…  Verizon has a policy which if you have to have your phone replaced 3 or more times within a year you can request a different model or equal retail value, Hmmmm….


So on 4/27/08 I went to the Verizon store in Owings mills and had my unit replaced,  it was doing some very strange resetting dance… (Helps when you’re a tech head with a BB programming manual) .


On 5/1/08 the 8830 simply wiped all my information out, mind you I am quite upset by this as I didn’t have the unit backed up (or so I told the Verizon tech guy on the phone at 9pm) Seems that due to the units I was getting being refurbes I choose to speak to a nice supervisor who was more then willing to replace my unit with anything or equal value.. (Remember I have the highest level BB)


SUPERVISOR-“Just so happens that a new BB is out”

Me- “O really? I didn’t know, lemme look it up online while we speak”

SUPERVISOR-“It’s the new Curve, only thing about it is its not a world edition and it has a camera”

ME-“Sigh, at this point I just need a phone”

SUPERVISOR-“well let me put that order in, would you like it overnighted or pick up at a local store”

ME-“I have to go to petsmart so I may we well pick it up”

SUPERVISOR-“Great, it will be new in box and waiting for u”

ME-“thank you”

SUPERVISOR-“Mr. Hughes, because of the issues you have been having I am issuing you a credit for one month of service”

ME-“thank you for going above and beyond to service your customers,  I wish my tech support reps did the same, have a good night”


So I strolled into Verizon, went to the tech support desk,  they pulled up the notes on my account, brought out a new in box Curve, let me crack it open to ensure I knew it was new and activated it..  total cost =0.00


So let me get to a review of the phone…..


Alright, to be honest, I’ve only had the phone for three days- but a lot of happiness just occurred over three days. I must first acknowledge my bias that Blackberry makes the best smart phones out there. I have owned Motorola’s Q’s, Razors, MDA’s, Moguls etc. LGs, and Samsungs [i760 and Alias]. Blackberry has a great community of support [Crackberry and Blackberry forums] and they just know how to get it right. The only thing that the Blackberry phones from Verizon have been missing is the camera except the Pearl which doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. Not anymore.I did try the Blackberry Pearl but I couldn’t get used to the SureType with multiple letters in a limited number of keys. Family members would have needed to interpret the words that SureType put in my messages. To now have a phone with a complete QWERTY keyboard and camera that doesn’t freeze or take 30 seconds to switch from application to application is worth the hassle it took me to get it. 



Best Feature every is the fact this phone uses a regular headphone jack, meaning my BOSE TRIPORT earbuds work great, no need to carry an IPOD!  I loaded my halo playlist on the phone and have been rocking out…

Ipod Like Interface

Okay, time for the review of the 8330. Everything that Blackberry is known for is in this phone. Email, Outlook integration with your PC, Instant Messaging, Texting, QWERTY keyboard, 2.0 Megapixel Camera (5X zoom) with flash that can record videos, expansion slot for microSD, and Bluetooth. The storage limit [additional storage card you have to buy] in the expansion slot can handle 8GB’s!! Come on, after 4G the music that you would have on it would be not be in your top 1000 songs anyway. So storage is not an issue. It also works well with updating your Facebook [has a built-in application for that] and YouTube (via I use Jawbone headset and the Bluetooth application worked flawlessly. The QWERTY keyboard is better than others I have used [8830, Pearl, Windows Mobile devices come to mind] where the keys are right next to each other. It’s nice to have them separated and be able to text a message with one hand. I thought they would be small for people with big thumbs/fingers like me but it didn’t take me much to get used to it.Here’s the short and sweet. If you are a Verizon Customer that is looking for the best smartphone they have, this is it. Synchs flawlessly with Outlook – emails, tasks, calendar, etc and 2.0 Megapixel Camera to boot. And unlike past Curves this one does video.   The one thing that this phone has but doesn’t have (confusing ain’t it) is GPS,  the phone has GPS built in but Verizon disables it and only lets you use the VZ Navigator feature from Verizon at $10 a month) but I found that the Blackberry maps application is the only thing I need for getting places.



It doesn’t have WiFi [or Verizon isn’t letting it have WiFi] but I found WiFi  to be an energy hog and the BB is known for incredible battery life.  If I want to power surf the net, I usually do it on my laptop anyway, the processors in phones are good but they still don’t match a laptop. I only surf the net via a phone when I’m checking sport scores, Fantasy Baseball/Football scores, quick Google check, Fourms, etc. which this phone does with no problem although the web browser doesn’t hold a candle to the IPHONE but I am waiting for WES (big blackberry show) to see if a browser update will correct this.I realize the shortcoming of this phone not having WiFi and integration with the built in GPS. But for real Blackberry lovers this phone cant be beat, throw a 8gb card in it and you have the best smartphone and a media player to boot…




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