Movie Review…. Harold and Kumar

The General Idea

Plot Synopsis: Follows the cross-country adventures of the pot-smoking duo as they try to outrun authorities who suspect them of being terrorists when they try to sneak a bong on board their flight to Amsterdam.

The Good

This film can be split into two parts; before Neil Patrick Harris (B.N.P.H) and after Neil Patrick Harris (A.N.P.H). The film is alright up until the man hits the screen and then explodes into the stratosphere of hilarity. His appearance in the first film delighted everyone, and his follow up met all my expectations and then some. Every time he delivered a line, the theatre went fucking nuts. NPH stole the show and everybody seemed to be ok with it. This man is a comedic actor of the highest degree, this role was tailored to showcase his ability, and his scene involving magic mushrooms and a unicorn is the stuff of legend.  The fact that Doggie howser says “Im going to rock out with my cock out and your going to jam out with your Clam out”  says how crazy this movie is.  The pair of Harold And Kumar Films have put this man on a pedestal for all geekdom and smokers to envy, and with luck others will follow, cant you see NPH in Clerks 3 or some random movie just dropping lines and rolling out?

This film is chock full of jokes. If one falls flat for you another will soon grab you and pull you in. The scatter shot approach to comedy doesn’t always work, but here the number of great gags/jokes outnumbered the bad and its a winning strategy. People were laughing often and hard throughout this film, to the point where you must see this movie twice to catch all the comments and one liners and at the end of the day – that is what you want out of a cult comedy film. Much of my expectation of a film is based on “if it did what it intended to do” – and this film scored on so many levels and then some. 

The Bad

One of the downfalls of a scatter shot approach to comedy films, is that the story will often suffer. The story here is weak and of small interest, as instead of searching for the magic white castle burgers the duo is looking to reclaim lost loves.  This would get annoying if any time was spent developing it, but luckily so little time is spent on the plot – you hardly notice it is there. The story cuts ahead so fast, and events work out so perfectly for the characters, that the film indulges in self mockery of this very fact.  Although the story was a weakness, the fact that it was flipped over as an afterthought was the best thing that could have happened to this film,

The film picks up with Harold looking to follow his love to Amsterdam, and for no good reason a second love interest was added for Kumar. The Kumar love interest story-line has more screen time than Guantanamo Bay; and that upset me. I was annoyed to see another love story in the film, and again, this could have derailed much of the hilarity if so little time was spent on it. Multiple love interests in a comedy is always bullshit; one is bad enough.

OverallThis film was a blast to see with a packed theatre and will not disappoint fans of the original film. Neil Patrick Harris injects a nitrous boost of crazy James dean doggie rebel and the film continues on with the momentum till finish. This is certainly a film you will want to check out at least once with a group of high times reading pals.

 Note: I play trivia on wed’s at time out grill with my buddy brian (see grumpy 20 something blog in my links) and the host Brian (not related) was giving away some swag for the newest couple to run in ’08…


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