Time For a New Job??

Is your life coming to an end? Do you wake up evety morning thinking “Im broke as sh**!” Does an increase in the price of Ramen noodles and hot sauce keep you up at night? Do you dream of half off sales at wal-mart? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be broke. If you are, get these “recession proof” jobs while they are hot!!

I am thinking of my career choice in a very deep way right now and I was doing some research and came across this so I had to share..

Career Median Pay (National) Job Satisfaction Training Difficulty Prestige Job Market Outlook Typical Degree Required Audiologist $64,500 A* C A B Aud.D.
Biomedical equipment technician $53,300 A A B A A.S.
Clergy $53,700 A B A A M. Div.
Curriculum/training specialist $63,200 A B B A Bachelor’s or master’s
Dentist $127,000 B C A A D.D.S.
Editor $56,200 A B A B Bachelor’s or master’s
Engineer $90,900 B B A B+** B.S.
Firefighter $55,000 A A B B Associate or bachelor’s
Fundraiser $76,200 A A A A B.A.
Genetic counselor $71,100 A B B A Master’s
Ghostwriter $61,000 A A A B None req. B.A. typical
Government manager $97,900 B B A to C A Bachelor’s or master’s
Hairstylist/cosmetologist $33,700 A A C B None. Short training.
Higher education administrator $103,000 A B/C A A Master’s or doctorate
Investment banker $258,000 B B A A Bachelor’s or M.B.A.
Landscape architect $64,200 A B A A B. L.A. + 1 yr. practicum
Librarian $51,400 A B B B/C M.L.S.
Locksmith/security system technician $44,000 A A C A None. Short training.
Management consultant $138,000 B B A B Bachelor’s or M.B.A.
Mediator $66,800 A A A C None but M.A. or J.D. typical.
Occupational therapist $63,900 B B B A Master’s
Optometrist $99,700 A C A B O.D.
Pharmacist $99,100 B C A/B A Pharm. D.
Physician assistant $83,800 A A B A B.S.
Politician/elected official N/A A A A B None req. B.A. or J.D. typical.
Professor $85,300 A D A B Ph.D.
Registered nurse $60,400 B A B A A.S. or B.S.
School psychologist $62,600 B B A A M.A.
Systems analyst $91,000 A B B A B.S.
Urban planner $68,800 B B A B M.A.
Usability/user experience specialist $98,800 A B B B Bachelor’s or master’s

* Private practice
** A in environmental/nuclear

N/A=not available.

There you have it..  My small part in getting you to the land of Doughcheese… Make that paper peoples!

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