Mantern’s (stolen from Brian)

read this post from my buddy B (check the link in my link list and had to steal it)

Now I don’t mind some scents of candles. I can tolerate Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon scented ones but when you break out the fruity crap I go crazy. I don’t like having the place smelling like fake mango or cherry p0megranate. Feel fear no more gents. Someone has thought of us since we know women will always want to have scented candles around.

Enter Manterns!  These candles come in a 8oz Whiskey glass or 16oz Pint glass. They have such manly flavors such as bacon cheeseburger, beer, and dirt. They even have one called 4th of July that smells like a “combination of gunpowder and sulfer”. Fantastic…just fantastic.


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