13 Reasons Not To Date A Woman With Kids

UPDATE:  PEOPLE I DIDNT WRITE THIS!  This was an article that was floating around that I wanted to get reaction too…  I can see by the comments that its a hot topic and I am glad to have sparked the debate but cant take credit that isnt due.


1) Baby Damage – Birth has a traumatic effect on the female form. Pregnancy leaves stretch marks, saggy breasts, and c-section scars. I’ve also heard that the nookie is even stretch out and it isn’t the same anymore. Then there’s the weight gain. Most women NEVER LOSE IT or they never get their former hot shape back.

2) “I Can’t Find A Baby Sitter” – Women will use this as an excuse to get out of date with you or they may legitmately can’t find a baby sitter. Either case it isn’t your problem and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.

3) Babies Interrupt Sex – I’ve had this happen to me. I was banging a woman and her kid interrupted my sex. Needless to say I was pissed. If some kid is going to interrupt the meanest head you’ve ever gotten, that kid should have your last name.

4) Baby’s Daddy – When your dealing with a woman and your getting know her, you shouldn’t have to deal with kid’s father. Some guys can’t get over the fact that their ex has moved on. Before he was an un-attentive jerk and didn’t give a jolly damn about her. Now that you’ve entered into the picture, the dude wants to be the ideal boyfriend and a “father of the year,” nominee.” The guy stars stalking her and wants to fight you. Even if the woman and guy are on good terms, the guy feels as if he can always smash. He knows her. He knows what she wants to hear and what makes her happy. The next know you your having this conversation- “I’ve decided to try and make it work with Jimmy’s dad”. Best way to avoid the situation is to avoid single moms.

5) Rent-A-Daddy – Realizing her mistake, realizing that kids (especially boys need fathers,) The woman gets desperate, any and every guy has the potential to be “daddy.” You’re out trying to get some, not inheirit a family.

6) The Kids Are Still Up – This is only a problem if your trying to pursue something other than a booty call. Wanting to spend time with you, but not wanting to bring strange men around her kids, you find yourself only seeing this female after 10 or 11PM. You want to move forward, but she has to make sure your the “one.” This could take months. I suggest dealing with women that are readily available to hang out.

7) Double Heart Break – You are with the woman, then everything falls apart. You not only do you have to deal with losing the woman, but you’ve formed a bond with lil’ Jimmy. You and Jimmy play HALO together, watch the Wizards’ hoop it up, go to the zoo, and things dads do with sons or daughters. On top of maybe missing the woman, you miss the kid.

8) Your Not My Dad. – You hook up with the woman, eventually the issue of discipline is going to come up. Some kids being resentful or just being a bratty prick is going to eventuallly pull the “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! YOUR NOT MY DAD!!!” card. Personally if I did date single mothers and some dumba$$ kid pulled that stunt on me, I would say, “Your right. I’m not your father. Since I have no authority over you and you refuse to listen to me, you need to pack your sh*t and go live with your dad.” This would be a deal breaker for me. In addition some mothers or the dad would have problem with you disciplining their kid. I’m sorry, if some kid broke my laptop, I’m whooping his a$$.

9) You Know What She Going To Do – She already has one kid, if you knock her up, it’s safe to assume she’s going to have another one.

10) Bad Judge of Character – This female got knocked up by somebody that she was “supposely in love with.” Not only is she a bad judge of character, she’s GROSSLY irresponsible. The same guy that’s an a$$hole now, is the same guy she thought the world of and had unprotected sex with.

11) Unneccessary Expeditures – Eventually you’ll get to meet the kid(s.) Soon those dates turn into family outings. Instead of paying for two people, your paying for three or more. The same goes if you move in with her.

12) You’ll Never Be #1 – When your trying to build a relationship with somebody, you should be the focus of the woman’s life. It should be about you and her. If she has a kid, you’ll NEVER BE #1!!! That’s not a bad thing either, but it’s something I don’t want to deal with. Neither should you.

13) Tag, Your It! – This should be the BIGGEST deterrent to EVER dealing with a single mother. In some jurisdictions, I think California is one of them, if you start dealing with a female with kids, move in with her and things go south. THE FEMALE CAN SUE YOU FOR CHILD SUPPORT!!!! She can claim that the her and child have “become a customed to you supporting the child.” YOU COULD END UP POSSIBILY PAYING CHILD SUPPORT FOR A KID THAT ISN’T EVEN YOURS! Imagine being extorted money because you were doing what you thought was the “right thing.” The state doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the relationship being over or you being a “good guy.” They just don’t want the chick on welfare. So as far as your concerned, it’s “TAG, YOUR IT!”


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  1. As the great American philosopher, Cuba Gooding Jr. said “Never rob the pootie from a single mother”. The best reason not to date one is that if you aren’t looking for a long term relationship you should stay away for the kid’s sake.

    Bad decision by mommy + continued exposure to guys looking to “rob the pootie” = Juvie and/or State Pen.

    Now go read my new blog I made – cynicalindian.wordpress.com

  2. LOL Being a single mother I’m torn between loving and hating this post. Kudos my friend. I’m afraid Da Divah may have to rep for the ladies check my blog for reasons not to date a dude with kids 🙂

  3. You have some salient points, particularly about missing the kid along with the woman if things don’t work out, or the fact that you’ll never be number 1. Dating a single mother isn’t for everyone, and it takes a big heart to overcome some of the challenges. Still, you have the opportunity to have a positive influence in the life of the kids, and be a real support system to a single mother who is trying to be everything to her kids. The rewards are there, and you could find yourself in a loving relationship with all those involved. If you’re a selfish prick, like this guy evidently is, then steer clear.

    1. I disagree. There is nothing selfish about not wanting a ready made family. There are no rewards in dating a single mom. In fact it can be fatal…ask my cousin…oh, you can’t. He was killed being capt. save ’em to a single mom…by a jealous baby daddy who was more concerned with who mommy was sleeping with than the health and welfare of the children that HE helped bring into the world. If you are trying to get into a long term relationship with a woman, what is so rewarding about being second and sometimes a distant 3rd in the life of a woman who more likely than not wants to be first in YOUR life? You choose to date single moms, more power to you. I don’t knock you for that my brother. But with all due respect, I will not be shamed because I am childfree and I will only date childfree women. We all have our standards, right? It’s not selfish if you don’t date certain kinds of women for what ever reason.

  4. Your post was little strong at times…but i have to agree with everything you said!!!!…been there done that…dated a woman with 3 kids once and everytime she got in arguement with kids father i had hell to pay!!!…it’s tuff because you will always be number 2…but in closing you hit it on the head…women with kids should date men with kids period!!!!!…thanks for the post!!!!

  5. if a guy that wants to date a single mom than he should read this site first! i am a single mom and have always had a hard time meeting a great guy that will stick around for a while and love my daughter as much as they love me! it’s hard for us moms to date a guy who has never been around kids cuz then all they do is complain! it’s so annoying! and dating a guy with kids as a single mom is hard! not happening either! i guess you cant understand unless you live in the shoes of a single mom! some of us dont choose to be single raising our kids!

  6. Ok gotta question for u guys out there. I started seeing my ex bf sort of…but then found out he had a gf. He’s already cheated on her with me… I found out she has 6 kids. Would u date a woman with 6 kids and do u think it will last. I mean He’s already cheated on her…

  7. I have to agree with everything you said. I’m a woman in my 20’s with no kids, and I would NEVER date a man with children. That is an instant deal breaker, I don’t care how nice he is. Hell, I don’t even really like kids. Maybe if I was in my late 30’s to 40’s and not married, then I’d let that rule slide a bit, but definitely not while I’m still young. All your reasons are my exact reasons too.
    People with kids should stick to dating other people with kids.

  8. I can agree with alot of the things he says.
    But going into a relationship with a women with children…… it’s kinda like…..duh… what do you expect……her kids should be #1.
    If you think otherwise the you are just selfish.
    I personnaly date a women with 2 children (and shes the love of my life) I love her girls and treat them as if they were my own.
    Key word understanding…. lost in American tongue.
    Has not everyone made a few bad choices in dating or life in general? (if you can boldly sit there and act like you havent……quiclky walk to the nearest mirror look at the idiot and smack yourself)
    I know I have, sitting there saying her choices warrant more scrutiny is just immaturity.
    I know plenty of single women who make it fine on there own!
    (maybe was raised by one )

    a lil honesty and understanding never hurt anyone……..geez.

    1. so true i also meet a women with two kids and she played the blame game both of the two guys she was with was there fault and never hers for the first 3 months i was really supported of her and her needs trying to make it less stressful for her i even helped her out to deal with her last boyfriend who she was with for 3 years she would tell me that he would sometimes call her and begged her to take him back and as i trusted her and have a big heart i would even tell her not to treat the guy bad and to talk to him and advice him to look for someone else cause i too have had break ups i know the pain it causes after the 3 months it was like dam she started to say things like you looked at that girls butt and when family phone me it was like u must be talking to some girl and want to sleep with her she now would say u must also do drugs and drink too don’t lie man i was at one point doubting myself she would say i always bend my arm for u and always try to make u happy and when she would have to go do something like nails or shopping or go pay the bills that i could not sometimes go with her she would say everything is a joke to u and it doesn’t matter where i go u don’t care i could be sleeping with someone and you wouldn’t care i would say no honey i trust u i know u wouldn’t do a thing like that i don’t need to up all over u like checking your phone or stocking your every move she would put that type of blame on me it was hard on me and my mind later she open up to me about her 2nd ex she was 25 and he was 22 she told me that he was a nice guy at the begging that he would take her kids to school and take some stress of her and help out around the house just like me and she said that he started to hit her and he started to drink and i asked why well one thing she has trust issues so now i put two and two together they would go out and she would make a scene about him looking at other women when he was not i also told her did u check his phone and his wallet and she said yes she has two kids was married for 6 years she knows a thing or two on how to make guys crazy for her i’m 32 with more experience on life and with relationships she almost had me started going crazy for a bit and almost ended up playing her little game what i am trying to say is that she manipulated this kid to her liking until he broke down to her level he could not escape her and get her out of her mind and she knew she had a good grip on this kid she made him like her now he starts to check her phone and stocks her every move until at last starts to hit her and now this poor kid is back with her now that i left thank god i did another thing is with the dad yes u will always have to to deal with him i accepted that and well why it can’t be hard for two adults to work this out well i was wrong every chance he would get he would tell her lets get back together apart from the poor kid stocking my house just to get a look at her it is the choices we make in life that matter if we are to be happy or miserable my advice is to find someone who has no kids and ppl with kids find ppl with kids if u are going to have them best be your own and start a family of your own there are so many single good women out there
      who want the same thing just walk away


  10. I so don’t agree with this at all. I am a single mother and its all in the man maturity. If he’s not mature enough to handle it then don’t step up to it, but I do let you know from jump I have two kids and they come 1st. Why wouldn’t they? If I put you 1st then you would think I was a bad parent. So the heck what you think. You havnt met any independent single mothers because as of right now I don’t want a man I am focusing on me and my kids and the right one will come along. I didn’t plan on being single with kids things just happen and it I am proud of it.

    1. Obvious non-sequitur is obvious, but of course it’s his fault, right? I’m sure it always is, he’s just not understanding enough, right? I’ve crossed paths with your type before, step up your loaded psychology game or drop it altogether if you ever plan on dating a man with a brain.

    2. It has nothing to do with “maturity”. It is all about personal preference. The fact is that everything in that post is true (I have dated a few women with kids, and it is spot on). Most men simply don’t want to deal with it. There is nothing wrong with single parents, I just don’t ever want to date one again.

  11. I think your points are valid and this was a good read. After being with a woman with kids I understand what many of your points are and agree with them.
    On another note, as a writer you need to proofread and also distinguish between “your” and “you’re.” You used “your” in every instance that you should have used “you’re.”

  12. Who wrote this? A two year old? I am currently in a relationship with a MAN who gets me and realizes I have Two children… After reading this bullshit I see how amazing he is and thats the only positive I’ve gotten out of this…(Break up w/ their dad) there should be no fear of dating a single woman with kids, there is ONLY gain. When you present it right for the children, if you are intellectual and creative, you will find basically no problems. I was a single Mom going to school and met the most amazing Man. He stepped up even when he didn’t need too and made me feel like I was a “Supermom” in turn. Conclusion: Mothers should never settle for second best, My beautiful children come first! Maybe I’m just a HOT mom, but guess what? I have a mind and anyone who can’t see that would seem like a damn fool to me! I am a single Mom and have found Love after Love along with my children! Encouraging??? God I hope so! Single Mothers.. Never fall for this bullshit website that tells you that you just have to settle!!!

    1. amen sister. it is my belief that it takes a man to raise a child. It takes a strong man, a bigger man to raise someone else’s child.

      1. Maybe you should go back with your original husband to raise your child. I would wager than five years later you wish you had done so and worked out your differences between both of you. Its not another man’s responsibility or burden. You got the divorce and or got pregnant so you live with the results. It’s no singles man’s job to be your knight in shining armour. The single man should he somehow agree to see you has to do all the changing when he goes out with you and deals with your kids. Single men can make better choices.

      2. From an evolutionary standpoint it takes a complete retard to raise another man’s child.

        Never mind, Opie. Your genes weren’t fit to perpetuate anyway.

    2. @Beth Hansen (((“Conclusion: Mothers should never settle for second best, My beautiful children come first! “)))

      Unbelievable. You’re even proud of your disgusting antics.

      Every man should RE-READ what Beth just wrote here… and RUUUUN.

      Guys, drop single moms like hot potatoes.

  13. I am a single male and dated a woman with a son and a daughter for about three months. I dont have kids and make good money. The woman wasnt working due to her going back to college to earn a bachelor’s degree. I dont have kids of my own so it seems like a good situation to me. However I know her kids will never fully accept me. Even her girlfriends tell her she is asking a lot in a person. Its like they tell her she wants way too much and as soon as she finds one little thing she doesnt like she bolts. The relationship was OK while it lasted. I hope she finds what she wants.

  14. You women responding are complete jokes. You spread your legs for the first bad boy that came along and now that you have his little critters running around the house, all of a sudden you’re intereted in the geek/loser guy you rejected in high school and/or college. I was one of those geek loser guys but now (20 year later) enjoying the fruit$ of my labor.

    Like hell will I take resposibilty for another mans kid. Guys, don’t settle for these women. They didn’t want you back then, but know that you’re established, all of a sudden they want you to be the daddy of their kids. But I know some of you save-a-hoe dudes will disagree with me.

  15. What a superficial a** post. Grow up> Its prob why you will never work out in any relationship with a real woman, go ahead and and continue dating superficial pig headed woman as they are the only ones you prob can attract.

  16. Well, the tone is a bit strong for my taste. I would have been much more diplomatic about this subject. That said, I agree in concept with it.

    I just got out of a same sex relationship. It was with a woman who had 3 kids and 3 different fathers to contend with. The first one was taken away (I originally bought the boo-hoo story). The second one lives with his father for the foreseeable future. The youngest, she’s a product of a convicted child molester and has severe ADHD and emotional issues; it took a year to get her turned to the right path. She was ready to have serious problems in school and was already several years developmentally delayed.

    Then there was the mother, she dumped the care of the youngest on me. She was burned out and had a love/hate relationship with the youngest. She went as far to push the youngest away emotionally and physically. I did homework with the youngest and tried to raise her to where she was functional. I had her 90% of the way there when I left.

    Oh yes, and the mother was bipolar and ADD herself. Which I didn’t find out to 4 months in when she had an episode. Constant fighting, it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

    The sad thing, is she can’t support not one of her kids or herself, but she is willing to get preggo again. The kids have a RIGHT to life even if she can’t provide in any manner. Crazy.

    So yes, even though a man wrote this with a snotty tone. I know the horror of trying to make a relationship work and become a trial by fire parent.

    It sucks. Avoid it. If you want kids then go for it. Having to shoulder all the burdens for inadequate parenting; it’s just wrong.

    Glad I got out. I’d want a kidless relationship first, then after some time consider it.

  17. There is a lot of weight being put on the men in this scenario, but you have to remember that there should be more put on the woman seeking this relationship. If you have kids by another man, especially if you have the common issues I see: the kids are undisciplined, you are unwilling to really accommodate a mate (meaning you are not willing for the man to be the principle relationship in your life), or you want to support (emotional, financial and otherwise) but are unwilling to define the relationship in terms that accommodate the man (meaning you don’t want your world to change, you just want him to come into it on your terms).

    If you want a man, just like if you had kids with a husband, the relationship with that man needs to be the principal one since that is where the commitment is (c’mon church folks, you’ve hear this). Men and women commit to each other kids are supposed to be a result of that commitment. Its that committed relationship that you will carry, ideally into old age when your kids are long established adults.

    Women, you need to set boundaries and be sure you’re getting involved with husband material. If you need sex, keep it away from your kid and tell the man. If you need money do the same. But don’t bring a man into your dysfunction if you’re not willing to fix it and have a man as your principle relationship.

    Any woman with kids who won’t do this is not ready for another relationship.

  18. I do agree that all men before getting into a relationship with a single parent shoulkd read this. Thank you for weeding out the selfish and idiotic jerks for me.

    Single mothers are women with the same issues as other women. Women who don’t have kids can have the same issues with ex-boyfriends as baby daddy’s.

    Also stop putting people in a box, what have u been watching too many movies or do you know every single parent out there. I’m sure most single mothers wouldn’t want to date you either…

    1. I didnt write it, though I do agree with some of the statements I believe that women with children deserve happiness just as much as anyone else and that any situation is the product of the people in that situation.

      1. Part of the problem, is that for whatever reason, it seems single mothers tend to believe they “deserve” things rather than having to “earn” things.

  19. Most single mothers are not by so by choice. In my case the father walked out after only seeing his daughter for two weeks. We were married by in different countries and all he did was whine about how he hadn’t gotten to see her when she was first born, then the government finally allowed him to visit and he decided he didn’t want to be a part of it any more. Yeah, I made some mistakes, and I definitely don’t want to get involved with another selfish person like him again. But sometimes single mothers are single mothers because they were married to a man before and then he decided he didn’t want to man up and take care of his kids. Is it then fair to judge a woman because she had kids with someone who she was married to? In my case yes, but in many instances, no. This article is completely nonsense and shows how immature and self-centered the boy who wrote it is.

  20. i dated a woman who had 4 kids by 2 different men. it was not her fault but none of the fathers were around one was her husband but he died so not his or her fault but the other guy was just a loser who didnt want to take care of his kids.she was and still is the love of my life. i was getting used to being around her kids and i liked being with her. it is true you will be the third wheel in the relationship and respect will be hard to find. they want you to be a father but they wont let you discipline the kids or let you have an opinion of how they are raised. i loved her kids but i was trying to teach them how to grow up with some rules. the mom would take this as i was being mean and treating the kids bad. i guess i was suppose to let the kids take over the house and do whatever they wanted. yet all she would do is yell and bitch about her kids. woman do not realize that when a man is willing to stand by you and let 4 other kids by different men into his life and start a family that the man wont be perfect with the kids but he is def one in a million. she ends up leaving me saying that i was mean to her kids, i gained weight and didnt have a job. i didnt have a job but i was in school and there were not many jobs around. i had some money in the bank which i used on us and the kids when needed. i never used her for anything.i was able to support myself through the relationship.so she left and says she needs space and time to focus more on her kids. ok yea i understand but why should i lose the love of my life and be heartbroken because she had kids. so i guess i am paying for some other guys mistakes. the lesson is for ladies who do not have kids make sure you find a man who will be there for you when you have his kids because if he doesnt stay you will be screwed for finding a decent guy. not only will you have to support kids with no help but you will have a hard time finding a real man.

  21. Man……… THANK YOU!!!! Any guy that is confronted by a woman with kids should RUN, not walk!!! A woman is trying to date me with kids and oh my god…. these reasons apply to the “road scholar” that is trying to hook me! She’s been engaged 4 times, married twice, and has 3 kids by 3 different fathers. Talk about f&*ked up!!! She’s even wanting to have sex with me while she’s married!!!! Aside from all that… a blind man could see that she is the problem!

    The kids these days are spoiled f&*kin rotten! They are also ill-mannered as hell! I don’t care if a woman has only 1 child…. they are “baggage” and I’ll continue to stay away from them.

    Listen…. ALL women are bitches! Some it just takes a little more time to get the “bitch” out of them. They are also an emotional and a financial burden. You gotta pay for their damn tampons, their food, toilet paper, buy them a car so they can junk it up, pay for their gas, buy their clothes, doctor visits, you name it… the list goes on.

    My advice for men is to fork out the money and rent a female escort for the night if you need to “get your rocks off”. I don’t care if it costs one or two thousand dollars for the night. It’s a hell of a lot better than being stuck with a woman with kids. In closing… for all the women with kids and looking for a “supporter”……F**K OFF!

    1. Your post was dead on target. Although it was a little strong it just stated common sense to the single male out there.

  22. it seems that at 48 you guys would have to get used to the i have kids thing.lets face it a woman who aborted all her babies as a meens of birth control would be a better girlfriend or gee why do you think your female dog should have a litter before you spay her lets face it most single moms had a dream once now its fucked and some doped up drunk horn dog is living hes fantasy of dieing young.single moms face dificult chalenges i cant even imagine and if i ever lose my single mom girlfriend itll probably be my fault cus she puts up with alot of shit too .and i am lucky oh ya the kids can be dificult as hell but for some reason they luv me oh yea im broke there goes another self rightous im a special guy bullshit

  23. Thats hilarious, I’m a single mom with three boys and I was still laughing…probably because my kids have a dad don’t need another, I support my kids so do their dad so my guy would only be paying for me and he would be just for me and damn well happy about it lol

  24. Lol someone has issues, not once in this lil rant did the guy say anything about the female rejecting the high school loser lol get some help you have issues and your silk a loser I can tell just by your comment

  25. This article actually opened my eyes. Granted, the hubris and facetiousness are overbearing, but underneath his at-first what appears to be juvenile diatribe, there is actual information that should be known when getting involved with a single mom.

    I’m dating a single mom, and I can honestly say numbers 2, 4 and 12 are major issues with me right now, and I would even add another, 14 if you will. Basically, after everything was going great, she instantly shut down emotionally and put up a wall. We had a talk, and she says while she doesn’t want me to leave, she is not sure what she wants. Basically, she is not ready for a relationship, which leaves me with no where to go but out.

    Tiffany said that single mothers have the same issues as single women, but it’s not true. They have more. They do have to deal with more problems than single women, and for that I have nothing but admiration for those that are successful. But while I know that they have more to lose if the relationship goes south, if they completely shut themselves off, they just push away someone who genuinely wants to be there for them, and one day if they let him, their kids as well. Life is all about timing, and for single moms, sometimes the timing will never work.

  26. i am constantly torn between wheather or not to stay with my single mother gf. We have been together for 2 years with her two boys and the good times are great and the bad times are really bad. toughest decicion i’ve ever faced as a young single man.

  27. I’ve been dating a woman with 5 kids and 5 different fathers for four years. At 1st I wasnt pursuing a relationship, but needless to say we eventually fell in love. She is a great person and we will always have love for each other, but its hard. The majority of everything from this BLOG is TRUE. Trust me, but for some reason I thought I could handle it.
    You will NEVER be #1 NEVER, and its always some previous baby’s father getting in the way of s***. The kids and I have a good relationship, but the children have discipline issues. The woman was willing for me to voice my opinion and help with decision making, but at the same time she couldnt fully understand and support me in it because she couldnt understand.
    The issue of her being a BAD JUDGE OF CHARACTER dead on!!! This Article is a must read for single guys considering dating a single mom. You will be BROKE, because its never enough and these kids always need something.
    I still love this woman to this day, but at the end of the day, Im cheating myself.
    To her credit she has treated me better and loved me more, and has been a better gf to me than any other EVER.
    “Loving Fool”

  28. In my honest opinion single mothers are the lowest form of life on earth.

    They made the decision to spread their legs and have sex with someone they weren’t married to,they are responsible to use birth control or suffer the consequences….it’s a simple as that.

    The man can’t be blamed,women know full well how nature works and that men are only looking for a little poon for their tang.

    I will NOT pay for some other mans mistake because you allowed him to slide his hickory farms smoked sausage into your grand canyon.

    Sorry whore,you made you bed,you lie in it!
    No matter how you attempt to play the victim,you’ve no one to blame but the slut in the mirror.
    You made the choice to have unprotected sex with the high school basketball team,you suffer with the children.

    This is why many high profile wealthy men like Charlie Sheen simply pay whores for the night rather than marry or date them.
    You shoot your load on her tits,slap her on the ass and leave a couple hundred bucks on the nightstand and your out the door.

    So shut the hell up and stop blaming men for all your problems…you’re the ones that get pregnant,make the choice to use protection or shut your clam!

    1. In my opinion, the article is not objective. There are many angry posts probably due to a bad experience. You can’t label all single parents. That being said, single mothers should read posts like this one and think clearly before they get into a new relationship. Negative feedback is still a feedback.
      I am a single mother.
      I chose to divorce my husband, I chose to be a single mother and I fully take my own responsibility for my choices.
      I believe single mothers should concentrate on providing for theirs child(ren), buying a home, paying off car and other debts. If one is needy and tries to find another person to make them feel valued, appreciated, and cared for there will be a problem.

  29. wow. good insight from all points of view here, I’m currently dating a women with 3 kids and i sometimes feel lost in the relationship. I’ve never had to be 2nd or 4th in this case in the relationship and sometimes don’t know what to do. when the 2 of us our together things are great but some time when were all together or when I want to be with her but she can’t because of the kids I cant help but feel unsure. is our love for each other enough to get us through. only time will tell

  30. Im a single mom im 17 soon to be 18… In ways i have to disagree… Ive been with my boyfriend since i was 15. I had my beautiful daughter when i was fifteen hes not her dad and he wanted to be tho. He was around since she was 5 months old and he loves it hes not Always 2. Theres never a night we go with out alone time. We try to have a date night 2 to 3 times a week. Only men that are serious and responsible men can and make it in a relationship with a mom no matter wat the concquences are

  31. I dated a woman that had a kid.She dated me for a month and broke up with me and went back to the guy she had the kid with. Then later she had another kid with him plus going to get married now.

  32. Granted, every guy can’t be like Shaquille O’neal’s stepdad (aka the man he calls his “real” dad)…since doing so would take a lot of love and inner-strength to take on that role. However, it never ceases to amaze me how many times guys expect single, childless women to date AND marry them…despite the guy having 1, 2, 3, 4+ kids. Ridiculous!

  33. I have a philosophy about women/men with children that seems to work whether it’s with the biological parents or not. This is going to sound crazy because it goes against the social statuesque.
    IT HAS TO BE ABOUT MORE THAN THE KIDS! That man and That woman have to be the most important thing in each other’s lives. No; that doesn’t mean the kids should be neglected.
    Children need to see that love and commitment between the two parents. Children are a precious joy, a gift to the marriage or relationship – but there needs to be oneness between the man and the woman.
    Everyone deserves to be the most important thing in someone’s life. We all need it. The kids will grow up and get their chance.. but they need to come up witnessing it.
    The household will be out of balance if the kids are put first. When you’re marred you are ONE. Rule #1 in life is self-preservation. So the kids can’t be the rule.
    I believe in God + Man + Woman + Children + Everyone Else. When these things are in place it doesn’t matter if you’re the biological or not, which is the real vice.
    In my experiences where the bond between God + Man + Woman + Children is in order everything else falls into place. But most woman live by a different rule.
    The birth rule: “I have a child now and my husband is now second to ““my”” kids”, still needing to be first in the husband’s life though – even before God at times…
    I was taught this: If your wife and your children were drowning and you could only save one you should save your Wife, your Husband. Nothing other than God should come before
    Your husband or wife. What I’m saying isn’t a law, just the way I’ve see the entire family thriving and growing, everyone and everything in its proper place and order.
    Marriage is the key, Stop just having sex and playing house. Find a man who’s worthy enough to be first in your life and/or woman whom you can be ONE with.

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