Do You Want to know why I am Mad?!? Really?!?!? (repost)

You want to know why I am mad??  Do you really?  I don’t think you do….  Because I have noticed that most of you all cannot handle the truth about what and who you are…

 I am just at a point in my life where my ability to deal with mentally lazy and shiftless people is over.. 


You sit at a job all day on myspace bitching an moaning about that job,  what you don’t like, don’t think is fair and don’t care about but YOU SIT AT THAT JOB ALL DAY.. I know “I have bills and it pays them so till I can do something else” but here is the thing.. YOU ARENT TRYING TO DO SHYT!!  Sure you talk a good game, about how you going to take classes or going to go apply here or apply there but the sad thing is…  If you simply applied yourself and actually gave a dayum about the job you do have and tried to be the best you could be at it.. You Might Get to Move up there!!


 You want to complain about how you’re not making the cheddar you want but when you had the chance to stay in school and get an education what did you do?  U laid up, smoked up and fucked up and now you’re sitting around rocking the fresh high school diploma and wondering why you not making 100k plus like the chicks on girlfriends and the the dudes in the best man?!

Sadly I can no longer weep for the race that were the true fathers and mothers of civilized man.. (its called history, started before the mayflower, look it up if you can tear yourself away from Myspace) Sad that some of the people that should be helping to shape this nation that they complain so strongly about have no idea who their mayor is much less their voices in congress and the house!?

 Sad that I hear people saying “I’m voting for Hilary because that black guy acts too white” since when was correct English too white?!?


Perhaps T.I should run in 2008? Have Air Force One on some rims?  Ooo Wait he is a felon so he cant run.. wanna bet how many people was planning on writing that one in!?


I have a group of young men I mentor and try to keep from letting the streets swallow them up by trying to show them positive role models other then what corp America thinks we should look up to, rappers are not role models!  Basketball players aren’t role models, I don’t care if you do name your kid Kobe or Bron.. I really don’t see 100 million dollar shoe deals in their path.  Sadly the hardest part of my job is telling them that the flash and bullshyt doesn’t matter when all the woman they see chase after the hustlers and rappers like rats following the Pied Piper to hell


I counter by showing them the guys that sign Kobe and Dwade’s checks. Cats that 100 mill is called interest for the month.  How about letting warren buffet be your role model, instead of Jay Z?!


But when I talk to the woman I hear… “It’s hard to get a good man”

Ladies maybe you should take your nose out the latest Triple Crown Novel and stop thinking about getting a thug with a heart and find you a real man!? Stop chasing men, fighting over men that roam the streets like dogs in heat, if he wants to spread his scent all over some other woman then why do you want him?  Heard a girl (cause I don’t consider anyone this dumb mature) tell someone, “she may have fucked him but aint no bitch keeping my man” here is a news flash boo boo, I don’t think she had to force him!! He isn’t  your man, he is some guy that maybe pays the cable bill takes you out once in awhile and who has a Walgreens toothbrush at your house (you couldn’t even rate the crest spin brush)


  Respect yourself enough to be worthy of the coach bags and parda you covet like some Idol worshiping harlots, carry yourself like your worth more than a meal at outback or Fridays,  and then perhaps you can have a good man.. Maybe a man that’s educated, kind and will provide for his family without having to be in the streets?!?  Sure you may not have that Bentley.. but maybe if you would have worked with that man, and built a life to be proud of, maybe your kids will..


 I was called a corp thug the other day by some annoying stupid chickenhead who apparently thought I would take it as a complement but in fact I haven’t been that insulted in a long time.. But why you say??  Lets see what she called me shall we?

thug n.

1. A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.

2. also Thug One of a band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her.


Not a dayum thing about me in that.  Maybe when we stop glamorizing the “thug” we can move on as a people…   No one should want to be called that which by definition is a fool with no more skill then to be some hired muscle to do the tasks that smarter and more refined people will not do.  Nope no thug here.. 

Maybe if I cut my locs, got me a nice regular cut, started wearing a tie and smiled more I wouldn’t be a THUG?  Maybe if I would conform to what the interior racism of our own people defines as a Corp American Business man. Then perhaps I would deserve my position despite the education and hard work that earned it in the first place??

Just Sick and tired of being sick and tired, 


What happened to Men being Men?! 


What happened to dudes that understood that as black men we need to stick together?  I make it a habit of speaking to any brother I make eye contact with, be in at work, the mall, the street or whatever and the sad thing about it is.. Most of them don’t speak back, just give you a look like “what the hell you speaking to me for Nucca?” then when you stop speaking because you assume they are either mute or a f**king lead paint baby they want to cry like woman clutching their skirts asking, “why dude don’t speak” but let bill come down the hall with his blue eyes and a tie and then its everything but soft shoe and blackface… (Sadly Bill works for me)


 I am in the process of joining the Masons and it’s refreshing to have someone call me “brother” and not be begging or trying to sell me oils…  I am enlightened, supported and know that no matter what happens until death I have a group of Men who no matter where in the world I can call BROTHER.  Told a guy I went to school with about it.. Ya know what he said??


“Sounds like some old homosexual stuff”

Sadly trying to do something positive and not shitting where you eat by trying to screw all the woman in the office will get you labeled lots of things, you can be all gay, a simp and the like, I simply laugh it off, take my ass to the bank, sign this no money dollar 2% loan, jump in my paid for luxury car and call that chick from Girlfriends that got the same if not more than me..  Hell with messing with the 13 dollar an hour chicken head. 

Figures…  Think I will go to my personal office and change my race to Asian…


P.S.  Thirty is not the new 20!  It’s still 30 and you still wasted all that time you could have been using to have something in life.. Grow up and get a clue


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