Reach For Your Goals!!

This is the first entry of what will become a regular and ongoing place for encouragement and enlightenment. I’m not going to waste a lot of time with a long introduction and space talking about stuff that isn’t beneficial to you the reader. The topic for today is about goals and a plan of action, a blue print, diagram, or proposal to become successful. I am making this the subject of my first blog because I think this is a good beginning to a way for anyone to maximize their own abilities and realize their full potential. Many people will think they don’t need these entries , however there are times when we all need to have ideas, thoughts or creations reinforced so I offer this blog and its ideas as food for thought for anyone that has ideas, creativity as well as those that think, therefore they are.

What is a plan of action? It is an idea; it is a map or an arrangement, a way to success. Goals are something everyone should have. If you don’t have any goals you need to get busy right now. I would go out on a limb and assume that everyone has or had goals at one time or another. Many of us have forgotten our goals or put them on the back burner because ….”Life happens”, some like to say “Shit happens” but I don’t like to look at my life as shitty, despite whatever I have gone through.

Plus I have a great life and a lot of things in that life that makes me happy. I say if your life is shitty, then make shit sandwiches. As long as any of us have breath left in our body we have every opportunity to realize whatever dreams we have to some degree or another. If you aren’t happy you are cheating yourself out of life.

The very first thing you have to ask yourself is what you want. Then you ask yourself,” How will I obtain it?” Grab a piece of paper and write it down right now. Typing paper, notebook paper, toilet paper, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how silly or insane your goals may sound, write them down. Now that you have that take your paper and make three columns straight down the page and head each column as follows. “Short Term Goals”:”Mid Term Goals”: “Long Term Goals”.

Once you have that begin to list all your goals in the proper column. Keep in mind that short term should be, today until the end of the week. Mid term should be from the week to the month. Long term should be from 6 months to a year. Then you can go even farther and say from a year to five years. You can customize it to fit your needs but you get the idea. Once you write this stuff down hang it on a wall, the fridge, your bedroom ceiling in big letters, your cell phone, P.D.A. or wherever it is convenient for you to have access to it. It needs to be visible at all times as a reminder of what you need to do. You will begin to get more done because all of your tasks will be more organized. It doesn’t matter how organized you are already, this will allow you to see what you are working on and the progress you are making reaching your goals. Try not to list stuff like work or routine bullshit. This list of goals is for you to become more focused about your dreams and the things you always wanted to do.

Every time you have finished one of your goals scratch it off and see what’s next to be done. DoNot re-write the list just scratch off the items so you can see all the hard work you have done. You can add a page to your list once there is no more room or you have scratched off the work you have completed.

I have told you all of this because I know it works, there are more of us that need to do this than there are that don’t. Why is this necessary? I look at it as a blueprint for success. Think about it, if you haven’t scratched anything off your list you are either working in someone else’s favor of you haven’t done anything. There is nothing wrong with working in the favor of someone else however remember that you have to do some things for yourself. Some people have a really hard time with that; I used to be one of them. I would do things for people that didn’t give a shit about me either way. In my mind I thought they appreciated me and my efforts, but really once they can’t get anything from you it’s a wrap and you become expendable. I love to help others but it gets old when you put yourself out and these parasites forget, don’t care or don’t even say thank you. You have to be careful what you do and who you do it for. Unfortunately, most people are only as good as their circumstances.

Now your blue print or as I like to call it your business plan for life is going to take shape and you will be able to see more clearly where you are headed and if it’s a good thing or not. Don’t be afraid to make some changes but never down-grade always upgrade. If you downgrade you have set a lower standard for yourself and that is a sign of giving up or settling for less. When you go to a bank, you can’t just walk in and ask for a loan. You have to show the bank on paper what your intentions are and your PLAN OF ACTION. You have to show them how they are going to get their money back from you. In this case you are the bank and you have to ask yourself,”What are you prepared to do?” The answer should be simple. Anything that any of us want to do is within our reach we just have to make our minds up that we are going to do it. Have a PLAN OF ACTION and execute it. How many times have you hared someone say” Im gonna be rich one day?”Next time ask them what they are planning to do to get rich. I guarantee they can’t begin to tell you. They will however ramble on about the lottery or bank robbery. Be patient, within reason of course, because personal success usually will not happen over night. Personally, I got tired of being broke and pissed off all the time because I was broke. I realized that working a job and helping someone else reach their goals is punishment for not living my own dreams. So I started my list of goals and am on my way to living my dreams…finally!

Before I wrap this one up I want to tell you a few more things……….”There is no such thing as luck”, “All bad things are really good things” and “Adversities are stepping stones. Luck is a combination of preparation met with opportunity. If you have done the things you love and become great at something because you love it and not because someone is paying you, people will pay you because you love it and are so good at it. People that get paid to do something that they aren’t really good at pollute the game. You get good because you love doing what you do; therefore you do it a lot. Repetition breeds perfection. When you do something to perfection people pay you and they pay you well. In fact you can ask for whatever you want in terms of money and people will pay it. They will pay to get the best. If I put up a sign and say I need a Drummer for a band and I will pay a million a year, how many will be able to say they are the best at it and are worth the million? Only the ones that are prepared and the best will be selected and that person will say, ” I got lucky”. I will say “No, you were the best”. Once again, repetition breeds perfection, so always prepare yourself and stay that way, then when opportunity presents itself you will be ready.

All bad things are really good. As an example, if you get fired from a job, you have an opportunity to find a better one. Which is what is in the cards for you even though you may not be able to see it. We all think we know what’s best for us until something better comes along. We are only as good as our own circumstances, so why not make your circumstances better? I do not claim that any of this is or will be easy but anything worth having is worth working hard for. Adversities are stepping stones. When adversity comes along you can either stare it down and kick its ass or run from it. Any adversity is an opportunity to learn and become stronger. Once you have gone through something that seems bad at first, when its all over, you know that if you are ever faced with that situation again it will be easier because you know what to do based on prior experience or repetition. That will be a lesson learned. Anyone that causes you diversity only makes you a stronger opponent that they have to face, provided you can pull through and survive the battle. All wars are won through fighting small battles, one at a time. The same rules apply to our lives on a day to day basis. There are three way to be beaten. If you allow them, they will out work you, out think you or intimidate you. We all have the power to make our own way and no one can take that away from us unless we offer it to them. The only way anyone can ride your back is if you are bent over. Stand up and reach for your goals!!!!


2 thoughts on “Reach For Your Goals!!”

  1. Well written. Kudos to you and all of your success that you have seen thus far and will see in the future. I wish you many blessings in life and my life is blessed to have you as part of it.

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