Sean Taylor is Dead but…..

so are four Iraqi citizens who were gunned down by American troops as they traveled to work earlier today.

and so are 3,500 people in Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr hit the country’s coastal areas last week.

and three people in Indonesia following an earthquake Sunday.

let’s not forget the two civilians killed this morning in the Afghan capital, Kabul, when a suicide bomber launched an attack on coalition forces.

and the 22-year-old mother and her infant son who were burned alive when a pre-dawn fire broke out in their home Monday.

and 3 musicians who are no longer here after a suicidal model drove her car into theirs.

plus the 7 Brazilian soccer fans who died after stadium bleachers collapsed causing them to fall three stories to their death.

and the thousands of Africans murdered in Sudan during the Darfur conflict.

and on…and on…and on….

Taylor’s death is disturbing but what makes his death more important than any of these other people who like Taylor, had friends, families, careers, children, spouses and goals in life?

Do we really care that any of these people are not here anymore?

Are we going to go to skip out on dinner tonight and cry?

Write a poem?

Or it will be water cooler banter and forgotten tomorrow?

I asked myself the same questions this morning when I learned Taylor died and found myself more interested in using a picture for the bulletin I posted than the actual story. Thousands die every single day and the truth is we don’t care.

We have mortgages, car notes, college loans, girlfriends and boyfriends, children, christmas shopping, cell phones, myspace, video games, ipods, computers and rims to buy.

And with all that to keep us occupied why would we would really care if an Iraqi child’s mother was shot on the way to work this morning?

My grandmother passed away and I didn’t see a blog made for it and I didn’t expect to. My grandmother raised me so I morned until I was ready to let the pain go and move on.

The point is he passed because of the stupidity of a dumb ass who hopefully will pay for his crime but is his death more important than anyone else’s simply because he played football? HELL NO!!!!

I’ll say an extra prayer for his family to be strong but I didn’t know him so his passing is meaningless to me. Not being cruel but stating facts.

Life is precious no matter what and I do value it but to show more support to a person because they play a sport, rap, made movies or anything else is senseless unless they tried to change the world somehow ie. Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King. last time I checked football doesn’t change society 1 damn bit.

maybe no one cared about all the other deaths the last couple weeks because they were still mourning Kayne West’s Mom….


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